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6 Key Areas to Assess Your Business Technology Health

IT specialist working in server room

When your tech isn’t healthy, your business isn’t healthy! Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, the technology you engage with every day can have a big stake in your success. That’s why it’s important to regularly assess the health of your tech—from the programs you use to the devices that power them[…]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business Technology

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t the technology of the future. Plenty of businesses use it right now to become more effective and efficient. In fact, you can find artificial intelligence (AI) practically everywhere you look. It’s in your phone, automobile and even inside your smart TV. If a piece of technology helps you make a decision, then[…]

5 Signs a Custom Software Solution is Best for Your Business

man using custom software

From analyzing supply chains to managing administration, operations and analytics, running a business is no small task. Pair this with the need to stay on top of continually-evolving technology, and risks of mismanagement begin to skyrocket. Luckily, software options have evolved and enhanced over the years to provide businesses with the automation features they need[…]

What SMBs Have Discovered About Their IT During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic shifted the workplace from office to home, making the need for small and medium-sized businesses to revolutionize their IT. Not only have companies had to change processes and service offerings, but they also have had to incorporate the ultimate IT approach. In the past few months, SMBs have discovered several IT tools[…]

3 Best Practices for Choosing Remote Software for Your Team

remote software

The coronavirus pandemic has thrown the economy into a state of flux—this is quite palpably so in the workforce. As such, business leaders must change their strategies to remain competitive and resilient during these trying times. In order to achieve this, organizational leaders must first identify the individuals who are directly responsible for the health[…]

Your Business Continuity Plan Isn’t Working—Now What?

The global coronavirus pandemic has highlighted some major flaws in the business continuity plans of companies large and small. No industry is safe from lost revenues and mass furloughs—not even health care. While the fact that everyone is working from home may seem to offset the potential problems remote working presents, there are still concerns[…]

How Custom-Built Software Can Help Your Business Thrive During COVID-19

custom-built software

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the workspace from the office to home, having the right IT solutions is imperative. As today’s current workforce shifts to remote work, off-the-shelf software may pose problems or cause disruptions to your new workforce setup. But a custom-built software solution can increase productivity and efficiency in your business. Regardless of[…]

How to Successfully Work Remotely during the COVID-19 Outbreak

working remotely

Recent developments in the spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) have necessitated the urgent transition to a remote workforce for many businesses. Current regulations in and out of the U.S. range from recommendations to limit social contact to government-mandated quarantines. Even if businesses in your area haven’t yet been required to stop operations at their physical locations,[…]

Business Continuity: A Proactive Approach to Minimizing Network Downtime

business continuity plan for network infrastructure

The present-day business environment is subject to many threats that can cause downtime. Malware attacks, power interruptions, IT disasters and network downtime have a massive impact on the operations of any business. Having a business continuity plan, however, helps minimize downtime and keep operations running smoothly, even when issues do occur. Business continuity is a[…]