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What is a business continuity plan?

You may hear a lot about business continuity plans and may even hear them incorrectly referred to as disaster recovery plans. So, what is a business continuity plan?A business continuity plan is a total blueprint for how a business or organization ensures that its output–products or services–will continue to be provided with as little interruption[…]

The threats out there: Have you considered their impact?

Oct 28, 2012–Hurricane Sandy hit New York, America’s largest city. The consequences were disastrous and resulted in a shutdown of a city of 8.6 million people. Places that weren’t supposed to ever close, such as major hospitals, had to be evacuated. It was from the intense flooding of the city that many large corporations and[…]

Unified Communications can save money and improve customer satisfaction

We discussed in our last blog how unified communications can hoster greater collaboration and workplace functionality, but today we’ll look its value to the “back of the house” and external customers. Unified communications offers opportunities for operational improvements and cost savings, as well as opening up new pathways to create greater customer satisfaction. In summary,[…]

What does VoIP offer your employees?

VoIP, the acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol, can offer a lot of great conveniences for your employees that make their work environment dramatically more flexible and user-friendly. VoIP offers many features that just are not possible using more traditional PBX systems that have been the mainstay of commercial telephony for decades. First of all,[…]

Four ways unified communications can improve productivity Part II

In our last blog we suggested that unified communications has value to an organization’s efforts to increase productivity. It can facilitate smoother, more efficient collaboration in a 24/7 workspace. Unified communications can Look to a managed service provider for ways that you can begin to introduce unified communications into your organization.

VoIP: Basics on what this technology transition means for commercial users

VoIP is the acronym for Voice over the Internet Protocol. You’ve probably heard of this technology and are aware that it represents a shift from the traditional telephony network. This technology is moving us away from the telephone network that has been the standard since the invention of the telephone. VoIP represents a different way[…]

Four ways unified communications can improve productivity Part I

Today’s blog will give a quick definition of unified communications and then explain reasons why this concept can lead to improved productivity in the workplace. So what is unified communications? First of all, it is more of a broad concept than any specific, concrete product or service that comes in a box. There are many[…]