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Business IT Solutions That Require Reliable Internet

company office with employees working

While high-speed internet may seem like a luxury for some, many businesses have mission-critical applications that require connectivity. Not only is that high level of connection needed, but the reliability of that connection is just as important. If your organization employs business IT solutions that require reliable internet, you want to choose a business internet[…]

Infographic: Shared vs. Dedicated Networks

Shared vs. Dedicated Networks

There’s no way around it: Business internet is a necessity for productivity. That’s why choosing the right business internet solution is important! The first step to making your decision? Deciding between a shared and dedicated network. In the infographic below we break down the difference between each network type, including how they stack up in[…]

Breaking Down Multiprotocol Label Switching

Breaking Down Multiprotocol Label Switching

If you’re looking to upgrade your IT infrastructure and have been looking for a solution that will give you better performance, more bandwidth, and more flexibility, you’ve likely come across multiprotocol label switching. Keep reading to learn about the benefits of using multiprotocol label switching technology. What is Multiprotocol Label Switching? Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS)[…]

Why Business Internet Costs More Than Residential Internet

business vs residential internet

Internet packages for the home start from as little as $20 per month in Indianapolis, while internet plans for businesses cost considerably more. It might seem tempting for small businesses to choose the cheaper option and just use residential internet, but don’t fall into this trap. There are legitimate reasons why business internet costs more[…]

4 Signs It’s Time to Update Your Business Internet

Your organization relies on business internet to remain connected with coworkers and clients, as well as to carry out your day-to-day tasks. Sometimes, your business internet needs an upgrade to enable your team to work more efficiently.  Here are four signs that can help you determine if it’s time to update your business internet. 1.[…]