7 Types of Managed IT Services You Must Know

Types of Managed IT Services

In a technology-driven market, staying ahead often depends on how effective your IT infrastructure is. Fortunately, there are several different types of managed IT services that can help you ensure that you’re among the companies that keep up.

To navigate the ever-changing IT landscape effectively, businesses must adopt a strategic approach, and managed IT providers are key partners in fostering resilience and driving growth.

Roger Veach, President of AxiaTP

Managed IT services provide a variety of specialized solutions that help businesses streamline operations, enhance security, and drive innovation. These services ensure that an expert team handles the IT environment.

This blog will explore the 7 types of managed IT services. We’ll provide insights into how these services can address common issues and help your business grow.

Exploring the 7 Types of Managed Services

1. IT Support

Effective IT support prevents issues before they disrupt operations, ensuring everything runs smoothly. This support provides a dedicated team ready to address any tech concern, from software updates to hardware malfunctions, offering peace of mind and allowing focus on primary business tasks.

Action Steps:

  • Update your systems and software regularly.
  • Train your staff in basic troubleshooting.
  • Set up a direct line to your IT support team for quick help.

2. Network Monitoring and Support

It is important to note that 43% of major network outages are due to power failures, not suspicious activities or malware. This service actively monitors your network, spots problems early, and keeps your managed networks robust and reliable. Network monitoring and support protects you from such interruptions. 

Action Steps:

  • Use robust monitoring tools.
  • Conduct regular maintenance checks.
  • Create a response plan for identified risks.
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3. Managed Cybersecurity Services

A notable 48% of CISOs express concerns over potential cyberattacks in the next year.  Luckily,  managed cybersecurity services can protect you from these increasing threats. This service offers extensive network security, from firewall management to intrusion detection to protect your digital assets from evolving threats.

Action Steps:

  • Conduct regular security assessments.
  • Educate your team on cybersecurity best practices.
  • Ensure that security measures are up-to-date and comprehensive.

4. Cloud-Based Services

Cloud-based services transform your work environment, providing flexibility, scalability, and cost savings. Whether using cloud computing for storage, software as a service (SaaS), or managed cloud service platforms, the cloud enables your team to collaborate and innovate effectively.

Action Plan:

  • Evaluate your business needs to determine the appropriate cloud services.
  • Consider a phased migration to minimize operational disruptions.
  • Invest in training for your team to maximize cloud computing benefits.

5. IT Consulting

At times, strategic guidance is necessary to maximize your technology investment. IT consulting services offer this expertise, assisting you in designing and implementing an IT strategy that aligns with your business goals, optimizes your network and infrastructure, and fosters growth.

Action Plan:

  • Identify areas of your business that can benefit from technological improvement.
  • Schedule regular consultations to stay informed on technology trends.
  • Develop a technology roadmap aligned with your business objectives.

6. Data Analytics Services

Data analytics services convert information into insights. These services gather, analyze, and interpret your data, offering actionable insights that shape strategy and enhance real-time decisions.

Action Plan:

  • Implement tools for collecting and analyzing data.
  • Focus on key metrics that align with your business goals.
  • Use insights to inform strategy and operational improvements.

7. Data Backup and Disaster Recovery

In the event of data loss, system failure, and natural disasters, being prepared is critical. Worse yet, 50% of disaster recovery plans don’t do their job. However, with the right plan in place and a solid disaster recovery partner, your plan can be part of the 50% that work  

Action Plan:

  • Regularly back up critical data across multiple secure locations.
  • Develop a comprehensive disaster recovery plan.
  • Conduct regular drills to test and refine your recovery processes.

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Managed services provide a thorough solution to the intricate challenges in today’s technology environment. These services, which range from IT support to backup and disaster recovery, safeguard your business and enable growth.

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