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Our purpose is to provide value to teams like yours. And to best do this, we take a consultative approach when working with you. Here’s our process.

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Like any industry, IT service companies are riddled with challenges, such as high employee turnover and wasted time discussing the same issues with multiple team members. This often leads to frustrated and unhappy customers.

AxiaTP has dared to change the industry standards with a model that tackles these challenges head on. Our CEE Model ensures quality customer service to clients, provides growth opportunities for employees, and establishes operational excellence company-wide.

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Your team will work with a designated customer care team (or pod) of professionals at AxiaTP. Each Pod provides Fortune 500-level services for businesses of all sizes. From a dedicated vCIO to Help Desk Specialists and everything in between, you’ll have multiple relationships that allow us to service you quickly and efficiently.


We provide advancement opportunities and career pathing to our team members, which in turn reduces employee turnover on both our team and your pod. No matter where an employee starts on the team, we provide them with the needed certifications, training, and experience to successfully grow and advance in your team.


Each team member in your customer care pod connects regularly with other team members in corresponding roles to discuss efficiencies, delivery, and support for clients. That means all pods and team members within them operate at the same, consistent level to ensure operational excellence and the best service for every client.

Better Technology at a Lower Rate

Managed service providers often miss the mark on helping improve your technology and avoid disclosing their pricing structure. This leaves your business susceptible to ongoing increased rates with little to no IT strategy.

That’s why we developed IT Score®, an assessment tool that ranks your business technology health in six key areas. When you partner with AxiaTP for your managed services, we’ll review your IT Score annually to develop and implement a customized IT strategy. The assessment not only helps to improve your technology, but your improved score will ultimately lower your service rate and maintain the rate when you reach peak performance.

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