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Systems Integration or Custom Software Development: Which Is Right For Your Business?

Whether your business is on the fast track and growing by the day, or it’s struggling to reach its targets due to lackluster productivity, upgrading your software could be the difference between failure and optimal success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all businesses with employees fail within 10 years; and while there[…]

Who Owns Your Custom Software Code?

custom software developer

You did it! You finally bit the bullet and contracted a custom software developer to build a custom application for your business. It has automated your workflow, increased process efficiency, and is saving you time and money. But now you see that if it just had an extra ‘bell’ here and a ‘whistle’ there, you could[…]

How Custom Software Saved Christmas

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One cold winter night in the North Pole, during the height of the pre-Christmas season, Santa’s workshop was bustling. The toy elves were working away as Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer, and their reindeer friends were training for the big run. Santa set about to review the annual Naughty & Nice Report. He sat down to his[…]

5 Ways Custom Software Saves You Money in the Long Run

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It’s true: Custom software is an investment of your time, energy, and money.  While the upfront costs of custom software development can be intimidating, the investment is likely transformative to your business. The long-term cost for implementation can also be lower than traditional, off-the-shelf solutions.  But maintenance isn’t the only way a custom software solution[…]

5 Steps to Refine Your Business Processes

In most businesses, certain processes are repeatable – everyday it’s the same tasks and the same checklist being checked off. It may seem like you have the procedures down pat, but how can you be so sure? When you’ve been doing the same for so long, how do you know if that same old way,[…]

6 Key Areas to Assess Your Business Technology Health

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When your tech isn’t healthy, your business isn’t healthy! Whether you’re a small business or a multinational corporation, the technology you engage with every day can have a big stake in your success. That’s why it’s important to regularly assess the health of your tech—from the programs you use to the devices that power them[…]

3 Critical Elements of a Custom Software Development Contract

Custom software development projects can be daunting, especially when you’re thinking about the contract and what it should include. A comprehensive, well-thought-out contract helps ensure expectations are aligned, the project goes smoothly, and everyone wins—no unpleasant surprises. To get there, you’ll need to have multiple conversations with your custom software development firm. The following are[…]

Improve Your Work Productivity with Process Automation

In any business, time is money, with the upshot being that labor is money. Nearly every business has looked for ways to save money by reducing the amount of labor required to perform a task. Manufacturing companies have turned this into an art form through a variety of industrial engineering activities, such as operations management,[…]

The Pros and Cons of Developing a Custom Software Solution

Is your business ready to save time and money by streamlining its processes? Are you wondering whether you should buy ‘off the shelf’ or develop your own custom software solution? At AxiaTP, we specialize in workflow automation software, but we know that going custom isn’t necessarily the right fit for everyone. Let’s review a few[…]

5 Tips to Increase Productivity

If you really want your business to grow, first off, you need to ask yourself, “will our processes support the growth?” Because as much as growth is the goal of any business, expansion and success can lead to operational challenges that can in turn hinder that growth. Review these five steps to help you increase productivity. 1.[…]