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The Importance of the Right Connection

How long could your business go without Internet? Think about it. When you lose connection, even for an hour, you also lose productivity and potential sales. That’s why it’s important to have quality business Internet connectivity.

The Internet is your connection to the outside world. It’s the first thing you need in the digital age, and you need a fast and secure network. But, it’s important to know that not all Internet connections are alike. We can help figure out what connection works best for your business.

Business Internet Connection Options

Internet connection can be broken down into two networks: shared and dedicated. Both network types have their pros and cons, which can help determine which option is best for you. Luckily, our team partners with large carriers to support your connectivity, no matter where you land.

Shared Networks

Typically used by small businesses, shared networks include DSL, cable, shared fiber, and wireless connections. They are low cost and have high download speeds and general availability.

Because you share your bandwidth with other users in your area, speeds and performance tend to fluctuate. And you might run into issues of reliability and downtime. It’s important to consider the importance of reliability versus cost with a shared network.

Dedicated Networks

Typically used by larger organizations, dedicated networks include fiber, copper, and wireless connections. They offer great performance and bandwidth speeds.

The main downside with a dedicated network is the associated costs, especially if you need fiber installed. However, if you have mission critical applications that require high reliability (VoIP and cloud services), the cost might be worth the connection.

Internet Connections We Offer

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Let our team help figure out the best Internet connection for your business. We’ll review where your business is today and get you connected with the future in mind.

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