How Custom-Built Software Can Help Your Business Thrive During COVID-19

custom-built software

With the COVID-19 pandemic shifting the workspace from the office to home, having the right IT solutions is imperative.

As today’s current workforce shifts to remote work, off-the-shelf software may pose problems or cause disruptions to your new workforce setup. But a custom-built software solution can increase productivity and efficiency in your business.

Regardless of the size of your business, custom-built software can help turn around your fortunes despite the COVID-19 challenges. After the COVID-19 pandemic ends, working from home may even become the mainstream. With better solutions at hand, your business will be better prepared for the future transition to new workforce trends following the pandemic.

Here are some ways in which custom-built software can be essential.

It Helps Automate Business Processes

Custom-built software can automate many of your business processes by uniquely tailoring solutions to your business needs and day-to-day operations. Working from home might threaten productivity by slowing down your workflows, but not with tailor-made software.

By streamlining communication, your custom software will allow remote team members to access needed data, collaborate with each other and relay information quickly and effectively. This will keep everyone involved and make individual tasks easier, not to mention, custom software addresses unique security concerns to make sure these processes are carried out safely.

Automation of tasks eliminates the potential for error. With a custom-built software that enables business process automation, your business can increase productivity and, consequently, decrease costs.

It Promotes Better Customer Relationships

The core of your business is undoubtedly your customers. Human interaction will likely fall significantly as working from home becomes the norm. Rather than let this impact your business negatively and cause lower client retention, you can take advantage of custom software to ensure your customer relationships remain intact and healthy.

With a custom-built software, you can automate solutions, offering instant support and ensuring customer satisfaction. This also frees up your staff to perform other tasks that demand human interaction, such as taking phone calls, interacting in live chats and responding personally to emails. A custom CRM system will address your remote-working challenges to pave the way for a smooth workflow.

It Provides Efficient Document Management

If your business features complex document management, acquiring a custom software can help you organize files more securely and efficiently. Proper documentation has likely been made more difficult with teams working from different locations, but custom software solves these problems by automating safe document management and access.

A custom document management system cuts down manual tasks, manages changes and updates to documents and provides security and backup for critical business documents. If you want seamless handling and exchange of documents, a custom-built software can ensure greater collaboration and security. Custom solutions promote higher productivity among remote employees by providing a clear operational framework and consistency.

It Improves Financial and Accounting Processes

Custom software will automate all your financial processes, from bookkeeping and invoice management to tracking transactions. Having remote employees working on your finances might lead to accountability issues. However, with software that handles almost all your accounting processes, you can avoid errors or misuse of information.

Custom-built software that seamlessly integrates your financial environment is crucial. It means simplified tax compliance, payroll management and better financial planning. Also, custom-built software works alongside your business to automate financial transactions for maximum security.

It Creates a Data Warehouse and Promotes System Connectivity

With COVID-19 pushing your employees to work remotely, seamless connectivity is essential. Each of your team members should be able to securely access needed data from their home office.

Custom-built software centralizes data from either in-house servers through a VPN or cloud solutions to enhance smooth workflow. A software solution that creates a single point of data is crucial for your remote team. Employees from various departments can access data and perform designated tasks without added hassle.

It Eases Inventory and Asset Management

With no one in the office to track your business inventory and maintain a smooth flow of orders and returns, you need software that offers tailored asset lifecycle management.

With custom-made software, you can generate key metrics that will help adapt to the changing business environment. Purchasing patterns will likely change, and your software will be able to forecast inventory demands more effortlessly.

The Bottom Line

If you want your business to thrive rather than suffer during the changes presented by the current pandemic, custom-built software is a great option that can help your business tackle these new challenges. Your business might be largely affected, but with a solution at hand, you can mitigate the impact by responding proactively and integrating a custom software that enhances productivity and automates processes.

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