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Why the Business Phone Isn’t Dead

If you’re anything like most people, when you hear “business phone system” you probably visualize clunky desk phones, tangled cords, and complicated buttons and processes—true relics of the days of business past. Who needs a phone at their desk anymore when you’re walking around with one in your pocket at all times? If you’re a[…]

Preparing Your Office & IT for a Hybrid Work Environment

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Workspaces have become progressively more fluid over the past few years, but COVID-19 helped propel trends forward at warp speed. Shutdowns required quick transitions and solutions, and while those carried you through the initial phase of the pandemic, it’s time to consider if your office and IT are providing the best support for your team.[…]

How Video Conferencing Benefits Your Business

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As technology advances and digitalization takes center stage, businesses are adjusting their operations to align with emerging technology trends. The need for online team collaboration and on-demand communication is greater than ever. In addition, businesses have embraced virtual meetings and video conferencing benefits become prominent in the workplace. Most telecom services provide customized video conferencing[…]

4 Advantages of Unified Communications

Businesses are realizing that remote work is a viable long-term option, resulting in an increasing need for advanced technology. Companies of all sizes require a software solution for communication, cooperation, and collaboration between teams. Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is that solution. It blends communication with the cloud, providing a centralized hub for collaboration,[…]

Key Differences Between UCaaS and VoIP

Differences Between UCaaS and VoIP

Innovative phone systems are at the forefront of business communication. UCaaS and VoIP phone systems are two popular options for business communication; but which is the better option? Here is a breakdown of the differences between UCaaS and VoIP phone systems to help you decide. What Is UCaaS? UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is[…]

How UCaaS Maximizes Business Potential

Reliable communication is essential for every modern-day business. In fact, it’s the lifeline between many companies and their internal staff, vendors, clients and more. Having unified communications not only improves interactions within the company, but also maximizes efficiency. Unified communications as a Service (UCaaS), or unified communications consolidates all communication channels into a single, unified[…]

Unified Communications: Save Time and Money

You arrive at your job on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend and prepare to start working. Your mellow mood is soon soured when you remember that you have to set up all of your different communication channels for the day. Multiple programs can mean multiple logins, a dozen open windows and a general[…]