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Systems Integration or Custom Software Development: Which Is Right For Your Business?

Whether your business is on the fast track and growing by the day, or it’s struggling to reach its targets due to lackluster productivity, upgrading your software could be the difference between failure and optimal success. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, 70% of all businesses with employees fail within 10 years; and while there[…]

Who Owns Your Custom Software Code?

custom software developer

You did it! You finally bit the bullet and contracted a custom software developer to build a custom application for your business. It has automated your workflow, increased process efficiency, and is saving you time and money. But now you see that if it just had an extra ‘bell’ here and a ‘whistle’ there, you could[…]

STEMz Project Set to Inspire Budding STEM Professionals

Mark your calendars: the first STEMz Project competition is right around the corner, and registration is now open! AxiaTP is excited to partner with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce (ZCOC) and RISE Foundation to bring this event to life for Indiana 7-12 grade students interested in a hands-on STEM experience with guidance from the AxiaTP[…]

How Custom Software Saved Christmas

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One cold winter night in the North Pole, during the height of the pre-Christmas season, Santa’s workshop was bustling. The toy elves were working away as Dasher, Dancer, and Prancer, and their reindeer friends were training for the big run. Santa set about to review the annual Naughty & Nice Report. He sat down to his[…]

How Software and IT Support Can Build Your Business

Most small businesses turn to a custom software developer after they’re established. Custom software, after all, is a big investment; one that typically makes the most sense after you’ve had a few years of operations and know what’s best for your business.  But for Show Circuit Online Sales, a livestock auction business, custom software helped[…]

How One Custom Software Solution Powers Special Olympics Volunteers Across the Globe

Developing custom software is an exciting opportunity to transform your business or organization. What’s even more exciting? When your project ends up positively impacting an ecosystem of sister organizations. That’s exactly what happened when Special Olympics Indiana came to AxiaTP in 2015 ready to make a big digital transformation. The Leap to Custom Software Like[…]

5 Ways Custom Software Saves You Money in the Long Run

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It’s true: Custom software is an investment of your time, energy, and money.  While the upfront costs of custom software development can be intimidating, the investment is likely transformative to your business. The long-term cost for implementation can also be lower than traditional, off-the-shelf solutions.  But maintenance isn’t the only way a custom software solution[…]

5 Steps to Refine Your Business Processes

In most businesses, certain processes are repeatable – everyday it’s the same tasks and the same checklist being checked off. It may seem like you have the procedures down pat, but how can you be so sure? When you’ve been doing the same for so long, how do you know if that same old way,[…]

Preparing Your Office & IT for a Hybrid Work Environment

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Workspaces have become progressively more fluid over the past few years, but COVID-19 helped propel trends forward at warp speed. Shutdowns required quick transitions and solutions, and while those carried you through the initial phase of the pandemic, it’s time to consider if your office and IT are providing the best support for your team.[…]

3 Critical Elements of a Custom Software Development Contract

Custom software development projects can be daunting, especially when you’re thinking about the contract and what it should include. A comprehensive, well-thought-out contract helps ensure expectations are aligned, the project goes smoothly, and everyone wins—no unpleasant surprises. To get there, you’ll need to have multiple conversations with your custom software development firm. The following are[…]