5 Signs a Custom Software Solution is Best for Your Business

man using custom software

From analyzing supply chains to managing administration, operations and analytics, running a business is no small task. Pair this with the need to stay on top of continually-evolving technology, and risks of mismanagement begin to skyrocket.

Luckily, software options have evolved and enhanced over the years to provide businesses with the automation features they need to make processes more efficient and keep up with technology trends. That said, many businesses run into issues with off-the-shelf products that don’t necessarily fit their unique business needs.

Custom software, on the other hand, works to increase efficiencies, improve productivity and streamline processes while simultaneously reducing costs by giving you access to the features you need and eliminating the ones you don’t. It works to help businesses in various industries of all sizes and stature perfect their operations in a way that’s tailored to their specific business model.

Addressing Buy vs Build Software Concerns

When it comes to choosing software, many businesses face a conflict of “buy vs build.”

“Buy” is when you purchase a ready-made software that includes the features most applicable to your business needs. This option can sometimes be cheaper; however, the scalability and flexibility of this option are limited. You can’t hand-select the features you want, so you may be spending too much on an application that includes more than you need.

Companies that choose to “build” software instead often find that it’s a much more viable option, because they get to customize it to their needs and eliminate features that are unnecessary. This can save you money if the features you don’t require are costly built-ins to off-the-shelf software options.

If you’re considering custom software as an option for your business, here are five signs that a custom software solution can be most beneficial to you.

1. You Have Plans for Scaling Up or Down

Scaling up any business in terms of locations, employees or clients calls for process automation to keep up with changing workloads. To manage this smoothly, a custom software that runs the current workflows and operations from end to end is a smart option.

A custom-built software can and should serve as the cornerstone of your scaling, effortlessly handling changing tasks and coordinating integrations with your existing systems seamlessly. Custom software will save you time, effort and resources by automating processes and preparing your organization for future growth.

Additionally, off-the-shelf software may require you to house different tasks on various platforms and consequently overpay for software subscriptions. Custom software allows you to consolidate programs to a single platform to make processes more efficient and cost-effective.

2. Your Current Technology is Lacking or Non-Compliant

All software experiences problems now and then. However, if the issues are persistent and recur every few days, it may be time to replace your existing system. Recurring errors indicate a fault with the software’s basics, which may require a custom development service.

Some businesses may also neglect to choose software based on compliance needs, causing challenges for them down the road as they try to integrate a software that isn’t built for their specific processes. Investing in custom software allows you to tailor its features to your exact compliance and governance needs.

3. You Want to Avoid Hefty Training Costs

A considerable revenue drain is training sessions to teach employees how to use new software, especially if the software isn’t built for your unique company processes. If you have teams spread out in different locations, it makes it that much more difficult and expensive.

Training costs can be saved using custom software since solutions are curated in line with your company’s needs and can be integrated into your current systems. Custom software offers access to maintenance solutions, additional scheduled maintenance and other services to ensure your team is able to use the software easily and efficiently.

4. You Have Difficulty Integrating Your Systems

Your business goal is to increase revenue through higher productivity. However, if you experience difficulties integrating new software with your current systems, your employees are subject to greater time wastage, increased errors and lower productivity rates. If your productivity rates are falling, it may be time to get a custom software solution.

For example, tasks like entering data can be made much simpler and quicker through custom software. Manually entering data is slow, which in turn impacts the accuracy of analytics and makes data retrieval more difficult.

Customized software offers a one-stop solution because it comes with business metrics, key performance indicators and integrated analytical tools, which increases efficiency.

5. You Want to Eliminate Dependence on the Developer 

Running an off-the-shelf software is often dependent on the developer regarding aspects like subscriptions, terms and conditions of use, as well as the future of the developing company.

For example, if the developing company stops updating the software, you may be forced to replace your software, which can be extremely time consuming and expensive. Custom software, however, is built just for your business and is supported and managed in-house rather than by an outside developer.

Having custom-built software means having a solution built off the evaluation and analysis of your business, which is much better than a one-size-fits-all approach by off-the-shelf software. At AxiaTP, we work with your team to create a custom solution that works for your business. Contact us today and harness the power of a custom software solution.