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What is AI and What Can It Do for Your Business?

Artificial intelligence solutions are already a key part of the business landscape and will only become more important to successful business operations in the coming years. You have undoubtedly used artificial intelligence (AI) in your everyday life already, whether you know it or not. When you fly, the plane you fly on uses AI autopilot.[…]

6 Services Every IT Company Should Offer

services of it company

Today, having some form of IT support for your business is a requirement, not an option. Your company cannot stay competitive without it. When choosing IT support, you want to opt for excellent service instead of the bare minimum. Truly excellent IT companies offer more than the basics, and they won’t charge you outrageous fees[…]

Unified Communications: Save Time and Money

You arrive at your job on a Monday morning after a relaxing weekend and prepare to start working. Your mellow mood is soon soured when you remember that you have to set up all of your different communication channels for the day. Multiple programs can mean multiple logins, a dozen open windows and a general[…]

4 Reasons Every Business Needs SaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) can benefit every business, no matter the size or industry. In particular, SaaS is attractive to small and mid-size businesses who can profit from the time and money saved by switching to it. SaaS entails software that is hosted on a server and is accessed via the Internet. Instead of[…]

5 Consequences of Data Breaches and How to Avoid Them

consequences of data breaches

The number of data breaches that affect companies and consumers increases virtually every year. Between 2018 and 2019, data breaches grew by 17% (from 1,257 in 2018 to 1,473 in 2019). To make matters even more frightening, security experts believe that the pandemic has created even more vulnerabilities for hackers to attack.  Each breach creates[…]

What Is Dark Web Scanning, and Why Does My Business Need It?

dark web

The phrase “dark web” is a hidden Internet underground where cybercriminals and unscrupulous individuals engage in suspicious and oftentimes illegal activities. A significant portion of those who frequent the dark web are hackers who readily seek to exploit weaknesses in a business’s network in order to acquire sensitive data. Whether seeking customer information to utilize[…]

How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business Technology

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t the technology of the future. Plenty of businesses use it right now to become more effective and efficient. In fact, you can find artificial intelligence (AI) practically everywhere you look. It’s in your phone, automobile and even inside your smart TV. If a piece of technology helps you make a decision, then[…]

3 Things Hackers Are Doing Right Now to Attack Your Systems

cyber attack

While you may hear the occasional news story about a major corporation suffering a data breach, it is really the small and medium-sized businesses that need to be more vigilant with data security. That’s because hackers and cybercriminals are attacking the systems and networks of thousands of small businesses on a daily basis. Many businesses[…]

5 Signs a Custom Software Solution is Best for Your Business

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From analyzing supply chains to managing administration, operations and analytics, running a business is no small task. Pair this with the need to stay on top of continually-evolving technology, and risks of mismanagement begin to skyrocket. Luckily, software options have evolved and enhanced over the years to provide businesses with the automation features they need[…]

How Much Should Managed IT Services Really Cost You?

calculating cost of MSP

Managed IT services are technology services offered by a third party provider in addition to or instead of an in-house IT team. These services can be highly beneficial to your organization, but how much should they cost you? Managed IT services may include infrastructure management and tasks, such as desktop and communications, storage, technical support[…]