How Artificial Intelligence Is Revolutionizing Business Technology

artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence isn’t the technology of the future. Plenty of businesses use it right now to become more effective and efficient.

In fact, you can find artificial intelligence (AI) practically everywhere you look. It’s in your phone, automobile and even inside your smart TV. If a piece of technology helps you make a decision, then it probably taps into AI to do its job.

How Businesses Benefit from Artificial Intelligence Solutions

Artificial intelligence solutions operate at practically all levels of business. They improve communications by allowing employees to:

    • Chat online with customers
    • Help clients access their accounts by phone
    • Filter spam emails out of inboxes
    • Turn spoken words into text
    • Automate replies to save time

For example, in the retail and e-commerce sectors, you can find several artificial intelligence solutions that enhance productivity and efficiency. Some of these solutions include recommending products based on a user’s buying history, optimizing prices to encourage more purchases and detecting fraud to block unauthorized transactions.

Of course, not all AI tools focus on managing customer needs. They can also assist in behind-the-scenes projects and processes that facilitate various business operations.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Help Companies Develop Products

Artificial intelligence solutions often play critical roles in product development. AI makes it easier to develop new products because companies don’t need to waste as much time and money building prototypes that don’t meet expectations.

Imagine that your business wants to build a sensor that lets cars avoid collisions. With artificial intelligence, you can conduct tests in an artificial environment. You don’t have to spend money building countless prototypes that get damaged during testing. Instead, you can focus on the concepts that work. Then, you make a few prototypes for real-world testing.

Artificial Intelligence Solutions Teach Companies About Their Customers

Most companies think they know their customers pretty well. After all, you can’t sell products unless you know how to meet your customers’ desires.

Artificial intelligence solutions can give you deeper insights into what your current and future customers want. When humans look at data, their brains can only process a small amount of it. Even a genius would have difficulty spotting a trend in millions of data points.

Artificial intelligence doesn’t have a problem recognizing those emerging trends. The more information you give an artificial intelligence solution, the deeper it can look into behaviors and expectations. That’s why 90% of organizations now use AI to improve customer journeys.

If you use a CRM tool, then you already have some experience with artificial intelligence that looks for consumer trends. There are other solutions that complement CRMs and can make them even more efficient.

The Business Value of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence requires an upfront investment. It doesn’t take long, though, before your business gets a valuable return on that investment. Most companies find that leveraging the benefits of artificial intelligence solutions helps them:

    • Lower their overall costs
    • Increase productivity
    • Create business processes that help them reach goals sooner
    • Align more effectively with their business needs

Learn More About AI from AxiaTP

AxiaTP has been working with artificial intelligence solutions for years, so our team understands the technology’s benefits and limitations. We commonly partner with data science teams that need predictive analytics and data engineering teams that need to automate tasks and businesses that want a deeper understanding of emerging trends.

Learn more about how AxiaTP’s artificial intelligence solutions can help your business by scheduling a time to talk. We’ll put you in contact with an expert who can help you decide whether you can benefit from our AI experience.