4 Advantages of Unified Communications

Businesses are realizing that remote work is a viable long-term option, resulting in an increasing need for advanced technology. Companies of all sizes require a software solution for communication, cooperation, and collaboration between teams.

Unified Communications as a Service (UCaaS) is that solution. It blends communication with the cloud, providing a centralized hub for collaboration, video conferencing, contact center management, call control, and call management. The advantages of unified communications could solve cohesion issues at your company.

Local businesses like yours use UCaaS solutions like Synkato to revolutionize communications both in the office and wherever their team works. Here are the top four advantages to using UCaaS.

1. Business-Ready Collaboration

Whether at home, in the office, or somewhere in-between, businesses crave collaborative tools for brainstorming, information exchange, project management, and other business-critical tasks. 

Before Synkato, companies would use one vendor for instant messaging, another tool for meeting management, a third tool for scheduling, and so on. This approach proved expensive and time-consuming, requiring C-suite managers to work with several vendors at one time, which limited productivity and performance.

With Synkato, C-suite managers use a single vendor for their collaboration technologies, enabling a single communication source for workflows. Synkato exists in a cloud environment, so team members can also securely share information between tools more effectively. With one vendor, managers resolve problems in collaborative environments quicker and provide better services for teams.

2. Built-In Contact Centers

Synkato packages several applications and services into a single bunch, providing businesses with a built-in contact center management solution for voice, video, and other communication methods. A single vendor offers ongoing support for all these applications and services, which simplifies the user experience.

Synkato suits call centers and other businesses that rely on communications technologies to facilitate day-to-day tasks. As a holistic solution to call center management, teams access different channels like email and live chat from a single system, making internal and external communications intuitive. Synkato’s cloud capabilities provide additional data sharing and security benefits. 

3. Simple Video Conferencing

Video conferencing usage has skyrocketed since the beginning of 2020, with apps like Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and Google Hangouts experiencing explosive growth. Many companies across the U.S. will continue to use these apps as employees return to workplaces and afterwards. 

Synkato simplifies video conferencing with a built-in video meeting solution. Teams are able to schedule video meetings or start video calls on the fly, providing more effective communication. 

4. Visual Call Control and Call Management

Synkato allows users to control incoming and outgoing calls across a range of visual technologies. It does this by combining various communication methods, such as VoIP, and creating a unified workflow in the cloud for enhanced call management.

When companies invest in Synkato, they can manage customer and business communications more efficiently with lower overheads and improved analytics. Users can access real-time data about call management and use these insights to grow their business.

Synkato provides you with a single source of technology for better collaboration, video conferencing, contact center management, call control, and call management. Contact AxiaTP to incorporate this revolutionary technology into your business and leverage the advantages of unified communications for your entire team!