Why the Business Phone Isn’t Dead

If you’re anything like most people, when you hear “business phone system” you probably visualize clunky desk phones, tangled cords, and complicated buttons and processes—true relics of the days of business past.

Who needs a phone at their desk anymore when you’re walking around with one in your pocket at all times?

If you’re a small to medium-sized business, you might use this logic to justify not having a dedicated business phone system. Maybe you’re investing in a more traditional business phone line without a lot of bells and whistles. Or, worse yet, you’re considering nixing the business phone all together, a move that can seem great on paper, but end up causing headaches.

The truth is that the business phone is far from dead. Instead, it’s thriving. That’s because today’s business phone options aren’t what they used to be. Instead, they’re full communications suites that can help you meet customers where they are and grow your business. 

Sophisticated Business Communications Tools

The way you communicate with your customers is more diverse than ever, and customers have come to expect an array of ways to reach you, whether it’s the phone or, more recently, live chat and text messages.

According to Search Engine Journal, approximately 74% of consumers would text a local business if they had the option. Text messages also garner a 209% increased response rate over phone calls and emails, making them one of the best ways to communicate with your customers. 

When it comes to live chat features, Gartner predicts around 85% of businesses will offer some form of live chat this year, and for good reason: over 75% of customers prefer it for quick response.

It’s not enough to only have the option to call anymore. The most successful businesses over the next decade will be those who invest in flexible communications systems.

Voice Solutions When and Where You Need Them

Having your communications bases covered is important. But there are still times when an old-fashioned phone call is the best way to achieve your goals. When that happens, you don’t want to have to rely on a personal cell phone line. 

First, team members might not be comfortable giving out their personal number—nor should they! Second, business and personal calls blending together can make it harder to maintain professionalism and a work-life balance. 

A modern business phone system gives the peace of mind of a dedicated business phone number, security, and tons of flexibility. Plus, options like Synkato’s softphone app Lynk allow you to take your business phone wherever you are—a capability that’s more important than ever in a growing remote and hybrid workforce. No more being tied to a desk for calls, voicemail, or more.

Not sure where to start? We can help! Learn more about what communications options exist for businesses like yours. Or request our free, no-strings attached communications audit to help you identify ways to cut the fluff and better streamline your existing communications.