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Your Complete IT Outsourcing Partner in Indianapolis–providing a broad spectrum of technology services to enhance your business processes.

Reduce Risks & Increase Operational Efficiencies By Outsourcing IT To a Complete Technology Partner in Indianapolis

Whatever information technology solution you need, you can outsource your IT needs to AxiaTP.

Why choose AxiaTP for IT outsourcing in Indianapolis?

  • Get support from a 24/7 service desk that responds to requests in 18 minutes on average
  • Return to work in 30 minutes or less with an efficient IT maintenance team that can resolve most issues remotely
  • Gain IT insights based on over 100 years of combined experience from a team of seasoned IT experts
  • Start getting IT services fast courtesy of our swift yet detailed 30-day onboarding process
  • Benefit from comprehensive IT solutions with dedicated experts at your beck-and-call

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Features IT Services You Can Outsource in Indianapolis

IT Management

Accelerate your business growth with our full IT management services ensuring seamless technology support and consistent performance every step of the way.

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Protect your most vital digital assets with our expert managed security team preventing unauthorized network access round-the-clock and round-the-year.

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Cloud Computing

Scale your business seamlessly with our on-demand cloud services, offering tailored computing, storage, and application solutions that grow with you.

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Software Development

Escape the limitations of generic software tools with our tailored solutions that perfectly align with and optimize your unique business processes.

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Network Management

Rely on our 24/7/365 network monitoring services to strengthen your system security and reduce operational disruptions significantly.

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IT Support

Depend on our expert IT support for lasting solutions, each meticulously crafted to match the specific requirements of your business.

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Disaster Recovery

Reduce the impact of IT outages with our disaster recovery ensuring data safety and offering business-specific guidance to prevent future problems.

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Internet Solutions

Boost your building’s connectivity with our advanced fiber optic internet services delivering speeds up to 1 Gbps for every occupant.

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VoIP & UCaaS

Enhance business communications with our Synkato VoIP platform, designed for flexibility, scalability, and advanced features to support growth.

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Brands That Trust Our IT Outsourcing in Indianapolis

Axia TP

Outsourced IT Services in Indianapolis, IN

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Why AxiaTP Over Other IT Outsourcing Companies in Indianapolis?

Indianapolis IT Outsourcing

Customer Service is Our Top Priority

Navigating IT challenges can be frustrating, especially when the support you receive is impersonal and inefficient. This situation adds to your stress and slows down your progress.

At AxiaTP, we understand these challenges. That’s why we leverage the Customer Experience Enhancement (CEE) Model in every interaction.

This approach ensures that every interaction is tailored to your specific needs, making our support both personal and efficient.

We ensure that your concerns are met with precision and care, offering a support experience that genuinely values your satisfaction.

IT Outsourcing Proviedr in Indianapolis

Leverage IT Outsourcing That Truly Enhance Your Core Business Operations

Many IT service companies excel in technology but fail to grasp the nuances of business operations.

This disconnect can lead to solutions that are technically impressive but don’t align with your business goals or processes.

AxiaTP aims to bridge this gap by blending technical expertise with deep business acumen. Understanding that this combination is rare, we position your organization for a competitive advantage.

Working with us means accessing IT solutions that truly enhance your core business operations. Our unique approach allows you to leverage technology in ways others cannot.

IT Outsourcing Services in Indianapolis

Enjoy Hardware and Software From One Great Provider

The average business network relies on 89 different third-party vendors. Business owners often need this many providers to fulfill all their technology requirements.

The problem is that more third-party vendors mean more security risks and process complications.

When you outsource AxiaTP, you can enjoy the convenience and security of a single, reliable provider.

We offer a broad range of hardware and software services including:

  • Communication Services
  • UCaaS
  • Microsoft 365
  • Multi-Tenant Internet
  • Custom Software
  • Access Control Systems
  • Point-of-Sale Software
  • Referral Marketing Automation Software
  • Directional Drilling and Boring

Get Long-Term System Enhancements – Not Just Quick Fixes

Our goal is to help you keep your IT infrastructure up and running for the long haul through comprehensive IT outsourcing. This goes beyond mere band-aid solutions—it's about sustainable support and strategic growth.

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Indianapolis IT Outsourcing - Frequently Asked Questions

Outsourcing to AxiaTP, even when you have an IT department, brings numerous advantages. We offer specialized expertise and additional support, complementing your team’s work.

This collaboration allows your IT staff to focus on strategic projects while we handle routine maintenance and system monitoring.

Our role in introducing new technologies and practices ensures your infrastructure remains current. That will support your business’s growth and innovation.

Outsourcing IT can significantly reduce costs by allowing you to focus on core business functions while experts handle your IT needs.

This approach saves time and money because you don’t need to invest in expensive infrastructure or train staff.

It also provides a cost-effective solution by giving you access to a pool of specialized knowledge and technology without the overhead of a full-time IT department.

AxiaTP may already have experience with your industry. Our portfolio includes clients from a variety of sectors. This includes:

  • Agriculture
  • Automotive
  • Banking
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Transportation
  • Insurance
  • Local Government
  • Manufacturing
  • Nonprofit
  • Property Management
  • Retail

If your industry isn’t on this list, we’re still prepared to learn about your specific requirements.

We recognize the uniqueness of every business, even within the same sector, and always offer services tailored to your particular needs.

The difference between business internet and multi-tenant internet comes down to customization and bandwidth.

Business internet provides dedicated bandwidth and is tailored to meet the specific needs of individual businesses. It’s ideal for organizations that rely on the internet for specific operations.

Conversely, multi-tenant internet, shared among various users in a building or complex, offers a cost-effective and reliable connectivity solution for a large number of users.

AxiaTP uses Azure as our primary cloud service. We chose Azure for its robust cloud computing system that efficiently reduces the total cost of ownership for our clients.

Azure’s flexibility enables us to scale services to match demand, ensuring you pay only for what you use. This adaptability allows us to customize solutions to meet your specific needs.