How UCaaS Maximizes Business Potential

Reliable communication is essential for every modern-day business. In fact, it’s the lifeline between many companies and their internal staff, vendors, clients and more. Having unified communications not only improves interactions within the company, but also maximizes efficiency.

Unified communications as a Service (UCaaS), or unified communications consolidates all communication channels into a single, unified platform that is easily scalable. It integrates various real-time and asynchronous communication tools to enhance business collaboration, communication and productivity both affordably and conveniently.

UCaaS brings together video conferencing, chat, phone service and text to simplify and organize business communications via the cloud. Here are ways in which UCaaS can maximize business potential.

UCaaS Lowers Costs

Since UCaaS deploys all communication via the cloud, it minimizes upfront hardware investments. It also eliminates software licensing and network infrastructure fees. With UCaaS, software doesn’t need to be replaced or maintained.

This is a diversified and reasonable delivery model driven by flexibility and low costs. The majority of on-premise communication tools have to be powered. This leads to substantial power costs, increasing the overall business expenses. This model reduces power costs by more than 60%.

Also, it reduces other costs, such as air conditioning in the data center, wear and tear and scalability costs. It’s therefore cheaper than on-premise PBX systems. Phone calls tend to be very expensive. With your entire company on UCaaS, internal communications occur over the Internet, reducing phone bills significantly.

UCaaS Provides Excellent Disaster Recovery

In the event of a disaster, on-premise devices come to a standstill. UCaaS comes with excellent business continuity and disaster recovery plans. Cloud-based unified communications give users seamless access to communication tools at all times.

In the event of a disaster, your employees can access unified communication tools from their devices and operate as usual. Besides, all communication data is stored in the cloud. Unlike storing data in hardware devices that can be damaged, the cloud is safe and easily accessible.

Rapid Service Deployment And Upgrades

On-premise communication solutions take time to roll out company-wide. They come with technical problems that can take months to rectify. Upgrading on-premise tools and software can take longer. Depending on your setup, you might have to conduct upgrades in numerous devices, which take lots of time.

With UCaaS, service deployments and upgrades don’t take much time from your company. They can be available to all employees within a very short period and can be implemented outside of business hours. The faster the deployment of a service, the higher the return on investment (ROI). Besides, the deployment of services requires little to no involvement with your in-house team.

Unified Communications Enable Employee Mobility and Team Collaboration

Mobility in the workplace is essential. It has become even more necessary since the COVID-19 pandemic kicked in. Unified communications allows for remote working, as employees don’t need to check in at work for business communications. Deploying UCaaS in your company gives employees the freedom to work from anywhere. Employees can access the communication platform from their devices and collaborate with others seamlessly.

A UCaaS solution that includes document sharing, video conferencing, mobile apps and support files enables teams to be more collaborative and productive. Remote teams can access the platform, talk with each other and share documents and other files effortlessly. This communication model supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policy, providing effortless connectivity among all employees.

Enhanced Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

UCaaS allows easy integration with your current systems and productivity tools. Features such as interactive voice response and call routing make it easier to build better relationships with customers.

You can integrate with leading CRM systems, such as NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Salesforce, to deliver a seamless customer experience. This integration helps customer service teams use customer data and devise the best strategies for service and outreach. UCaaS and CRM integration allows you to customize product and service offerings for a great customer experience.

Opportunity for Business Growth and Scalability

UCaaS is highly scalable. In fact, it is the perfect solution for small and medium businesses. As your team grows, there is no need to purchase new hardware. SIP trunking uses virtual connection and allows you to modify and add more lines easily. You can easily add or remove users quickly.

Cloud solutions provide cost-savings business scalability. If your company is growing, this service offers the perfect opportunity for growth. You don’t have to plan how much your business will grow and purchase equipment that matches your perceived growth.

Choosing the Ultimate UCaaS Provider

For your business to achieve seamless communication, finding a reliable UCaaS provider is crucial. It lowers costs, ensures business continuity and maximizes your overall potential. Get in touch with AxiaTP today for a reliable UCaaS platform for your business.