4 Reasons Every Business Needs SaaS

Software as a service (SaaS) can benefit every business, no matter the size or industry. In particular, SaaS is attractive to small and mid-size businesses who can profit from the time and money saved by switching to it.

SaaS entails software that is hosted on a server and is accessed via the Internet. Instead of purchasing and downloading an application onto individual company devices, SaaS allows you to pay a subscription and store associated data elsewhere. Updates are made automatically and without wasting your company’s time.

SaaS is simple to access and easy to use. It is quite flexible, so you can make it your primary source of software or develop a customized plan with a managed service provider to ensure that your company’s needs will be met. 

Using SaaS gives you the advantages of always having the latest, up-to-date software applications without making a long-term financial commitment and enduring the challenges that might come when using hosted software.

1. SaaS Saves You Time and Money

Implementing on-site software onto every piece of company equipment often means personally dealing with dozens of employees across multiple sites. Your IT technician has to individually install new software onto every relevant device, which means this process will also be repeated for all future hardware upgrades and repairs. 

This process is extremely time-consuming initially and will require hours of maintenance down the road. Choosing to use SaaS frees you from many of these disadvantages.

As a business owner or manager, the bottom line is always a priority. Using SaaS is typically a big money saver. It allows your employees to be more productive due to less computer downtime, and it means you don’t have to sink more money into continually working on your hardware.

SaaS also frees you from the constant expense of buying new software programs. There’s no telling how quickly the software you purchase can become obsolete—it could be as quick as a few months—requiring you to purchase more programs whenever you want an update. Paying a regular fee for a service that automatically updates itself is much more economical.

2. SaaS is Accessible Anywhere

Employing SaaS means that you and your employees can access programs no matter where you are. This is an especially huge advantage during a time when many people are working from home or for businesses who have staff working in-house across multiple sites.

You are not tied to your office computer to complete your work because the program is not loaded on a specific computer or laptop. Relying on a designated server to house software that can be accessed by your entire staff is much more efficient.

This aspect of SaaS allows you to be open for business no matter where your employees are. Your workflow is insulated from weather events, pandemics, company expansion and other disruptions.

3. Saas Means Automatic Upgrades

Buying your own software may feel satisfying—after all, you will own a license, something concrete that you have ownership of. The satisfied feeling might last until the software improves. 

The software manufacturer constantly identifies problems and corrects them; they find ways to improve the program’s efficiency or ease of use. While this process is necessary, it requires frequent upgrades to your software that are time-consuming, expensive and inconvenient. They can seem endless.

SaaS provides automatic upgrades that free your staff from frequent work interruptions. These upgrades take minutes, if that, and your employees are ready to get back to work. Additionally, there’s no extra fee to have your program updated: it’s included in the subscription you already pay.

4. SaaS Works with Multiple Devices

You and your employees don’t have to be tied to using the same office computer every day. More and more companies are encouraging their staff to use multiple computing devices, including their smartphones. SaaS allows you to use multiple devices to access software programs.

As long as all devices meet your company’s security standards, there is no downside to this increased accessibility. You can complete essential work wherever you are. You can switch from your computer to your laptop to your tablet in a matter of minutes, which gives you unprecedented flexibility.

With careful management and a bit of customization, SaaS can work well for all businesses. You are not burdened with the management of on-site implementation, you save money and you increase productivity. 

Managed service providers have also adapted to SaaS and can help you customize your service package and then oversee its use. You have many software options, but adding SaaS to your company’s software lineup should be at the top of the list. 

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