STEMz Project Set to Inspire Budding STEM Professionals

Mark your calendars: the first STEMz Project competition is right around the corner, and registration is now open!

AxiaTP is excited to partner with the Zionsville Chamber of Commerce (ZCOC) and RISE Foundation to bring this event to life for Indiana 7-12 grade students interested in a hands-on STEM experience with guidance from the AxiaTP team.

The Importance of STEM

AxiaTP’s CEO Roger Veach has long had an interest in fostering STEM education in the community through a robotics or STEM competition. 

“STEM is one of those things that a lot of students have an interest in and are participating in, yet they don’t even realize what it is,” Veach explained. 

From kids interested in being a pilot to your neighbor’s DIY project building a shed in the backyard, we’re surrounded by things that ask us to engage in math, engineering, science, and and tech. But a lot of young students don’t always have a grasp of how the math and science they’re learning in school is applicable for their lives and real-world careers. 

Giving young students hands-on opportunities to learn and build can help make those connections to how their knowledge applies to their everyday lives. 

“STEM allows creative kids to become creative, successful professionals,” Veach said. “The sooner we can get them exposed to this the better they’re going to be and the more successful they’re going to be.”

The Events

The STEMz Project consists of two competitions: The Build Smart Challenge and the Z Prize. 

The Build Smart Challenge, in partnership with STEM Education Works, will feature 20 competitors who will design and build their own micro-kart to race. They’ll meet at the AxiaTP office for five sessions from March through June, during which they’ll get experience with exciting technology like Computer Aided Design (CAD) and micro:bits.

On June 25, they’ll put their hard work to the test on Race Day. All participants will race their micro-kart in both a speed race (featuring a bracket-style competition) and an incline race (to see how high their kart can climb). At the end of the Race Day we’ll celebrate everyone’s achievements and award the first, second, and third place winners with some cool prizes. 

The Z Prize Competition invites budding STEM entrepreneurs to put their creativity to the test. Participants in grades 11 and 12 will utilize STEM to create a solution to address a yet-to-be-announced theme question.

How to Participate

Know a budding STEM professional? Registration is FREE for any Indiana 7-12 student. To make sure this event is accessible to all, we’re proud to provide all necessary materials to participants. 

Spots for the Build Spot Challenge are limited, and registration will be on a first come, first serve basis and remain open until all 20 spots are filled. The Z Prize Competition will open in the Spring, more details to come.

We can’t wait to see what participants dream up!

Registration for the Build Smart Challenge is now open. Learn more about the challenge and claim your spot before it fills up. Register now!