Business Internet Options: What’s Best for You?

A reliable business internet connection is essential for business growth and success. Internet for your business is at the core of most of your day-to-day tasks. Your organization couldn’t function effectively without it! But, do you know which connection is right for your team?

Here are some suggestions to help you choose from the best internet options for your business.

Why Do Businesses Need The Right Internet Connection?

Today’s society is heavily dependent on the internet. And without a fast, secure, and reliable business internet connection, you are guaranteed to miss out on important opportunities related to sales, collaboration, building client trust, internal communications, and more. 

Without the proper internet connection, your business risks frequent downtime and slow speeds, causing a massive decrease in productivity. Losing your connection for as little as one hour can cost you a significant amount of money and client trust. 

But, with the right connection, you don’t have to worry about missing out. The key to finding the right business internet connection is understanding that not all connections are the same.

Type of Business Internet Connections

There are two types of business internet connections: shared and dedicated.

Shared Networks

Shared networks are ideal for small businesses. This type of network includes:

  • DSL
  • Cable
  • Shared fiber
  • Wireless connections

Shared networks are cost effective and get high download speeds with general availability. These networks require you to share bandwidth with other internet users in your area, which results in unreliable internet speeds and performance. It’s not uncommon to experience frequent downtime and reliability issues. If you’re planning on using a shared network, you need to consider the pros and cons, including the reliability and cost of a shared network.

Dedicated Networks

Dedicated networks are ideal for large corporations. These networks feature connections such as:

  • Fiber
  • Copper
  • Wireless

Dedicated networks provide excellent performance with high bandwidth speeds. This type of network is the more expensive business internet option, especially if you require installation for a fiber connection. If you’re using applications that require high reliability, such as VoIP or cloud services, a dedicated network’s cost is well worth the expense.

Available Business Internet Options

At AxiaTP, we offer a variety of internet connections to provide your business’s needs regardless of its size. This includes dedicated internet access, multi-protocol label switching (MPLS), broadband, and fiber. Consider the pros and cons of each option.

Dedicated Internet Access


  • Reliability
  • Security
  • Minimal downtime
  • Only people in your organization use this connection
  • Guaranteed bandwidth


  • More expensive than other connections

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)


  • Scalability
  • Performance
  • Bandwidth utilization
  • Reduced network congestion


  • No encryption



  • Connection quality
  • Scalability
  • Long-term cost-effectiveness
  • Security


  • Physical damage
  • Fiber fuse

Wireless Connections


  • Access and availability
  • Cost-effective
  • Flexibility


  • Security
  • Coverage
  • Installation problems

Let Your Business Internet Work for You

Investing in reliable business internet will prove to be a wise expense. Setting up a trustworthy connection will allow you to move your business forward in a number of ways. A few examples of how your business internet allows your business to grow include:

More Marketing Options

Traditional methods of advertising and marketing efforts have become more manageable with the internet. You have access to more platforms that help you engage with your customers.

Internal Communication

Internet-based communication tools allow your team to chat in real time, meet virtually, track progress and productivity, and more without leaving their desks. 

Growth and Performance Tracking

You can use certain online tools to help you track your business’s growth and performance, and make adjustments when necessary. Growth and performance tools help you know when and where changes need to be made to improve your efficiency and effectiveness.

Cloud Storage

Cloud storage allows you and your employees to store documents, business data, and information securely, and it makes collaborating on projects simple.

At AxiaTP, we help you take control of your IT and find your perfect business internet connection. Contact us now to learn about our IT services and to get a free consultation.