Why Your IT Service Provider’s Process Matters

Finding the right IT service provider for your business can take research. While it’s important to know what services they offer and if they can meet your needs, one of the most important things to understand is HOW they work. This can directly impact the quality of the services you receive and your overall customer experience. 

Here are a few key reasons their process is important when selecting the right IT partner for you.

It Determines If Your Needs are Addressed

Most businesses have similar technology needs: internet, some form of unified communications, cloud-based solutions for sharing and storing files, etc. But it’s important to make sure your service provider doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach to IT. A provider who comes in and tells you what you need without fully understanding your business is likely more interested in cookie cutter solutions. 

Look for an IT company that prioritizes a consultative approach. This means they’re invested in exploring what’s most important to you—from business goals to current IT pain points—and crafting a solution that makes sense for your needs.

It Can Help Fix Problems Before They Start

One big differentiator between IT service providers is whether they’re a break/fix model or managed IT services model, also known as a managed service provider (MSP).

Break/fix IT companies operate on a case-by-base basis. Just as the name implies, if something breaks, they provide service to either fix or replace, charging for that service at that time. This is a reactive model of service.

A managed IT services provider uses a proactive approach. Like a break/fix provider, they fix things when broken, but they also provide ongoing service to monitor and maintain good IT health. This means problems can often be minimized before they reach a breaking point.

It Can Save You Money

Break/fix solutions can be nice on paper because you’re only paying for a repair. However, this leaves a big question mark of when those expenses will pop up, which can be tricky for your budget. 

Managed IT comes with a flat monthly fee. The controlled cost is easier to work into your budget and comes with the peace of mind you’re covered. This can save you money in the long run by minimizing problems and helping prolong the health of your IT.

It Determines How Fast Your Problems Are Addressed

It’s a fact of business: IT problems happen. And when they do, you want time on your side. A break/fix provider might be slower to address issues. Even some managed IT providers can be slow to process client communications, shuffling you from person to person and wasting valuable time while you have to repeat the problem to each one. Make sure your provider has a streamlined system with reliable team members you can access when it matters most.

It Can Grow with You

The world doesn’t stay the same and neither does your business. As you grow—and sometimes pivot—having a long-term relationship matters. IT teams that approach client relationships as partnerships invested in your success are more equipped to help you navigate both internal and external changes. IT is an investment on your end; make sure your provider is invested in your business in return.

The AxiaTP Process

As a managed IT services provider, the AxiaTP team is dedicated to the consultative approach, looking to add value to every relationship we have. This is why discovery and analysis are the first two stages of our process when you start working with us. 

After a plan for your business is implemented, our CEE (Clients, Employees, Excellence) model means you’ll have a dedicated Pod of team members ranging from a vCIO to Help Desk Specialists that provide quick, efficient service. Your Pod will always be familiar with your business and situation, meaning less time continually explaining your problems, concerns, and overall business. 

Are you ready to explore how managed IT services could help your business operate at its full potential? Reach out to the AxiaTP team for a free consultation!