How-To Guide: Maintaining Uptime Rates While Working Remotely

Working remotely can make it difficult to maintain the uptime rates your employees and customers rely on. Adopting the right technology, however, gives you more opportunities to improve your uptime, boost productivity and protect your system from cyberattacks.

Here’s what your business can do to maintain uptime rates while working remotely.

Make Cybersecurity a Priority

Security incidents can certainly damage your company’s uptime rate. At the very least, malware will slow down your systems. Unfortunately, cybercriminals can also steal sensitive data when they find weaknesses in your systems, leading to a costly cleanup and data recovery. A data breach could also damage your brand’s reputation for safety.

Ideally, you should have 24/7 security monitoring that continuously scans your systems for vulnerabilities. This round-the-clock monitoring ensures that any new vulnerabilities in your systems are recognized and patched as soon as they arise, preventing hacking attempts to exploit those weaknesses.

You should also look for other simple security measures you can implement to deter hackers. Most cybercriminals look for easy targets that they can exploit. Something as straightforward as encrypting your files will make most of them leave your business alone.

Set Up a VPN

Your business typically uses a network that connects your computers and other devices to in-house servers. Now that you have people working remotely, you need to extend your on-site network to reach them at home.

Setting up a virtual private network (VPN) provides a secure way to connect employees to your in-house server. A VPN creates a private network connection over the Internet. Since it encrypts all data traveling through the virtual network, no one can read your information.

Invest in Cloud Solutions

With your employees working at home, they may not have access to some of the tools that they rely on in the office. Investing in cloud solutions makes it easier for them to keep working remotely without interruptions.

Plenty of cloud-based apps can help your employees become more productive while working remotely. Office 365, for example, stores files online where people can retrieve them from anywhere. You can also take advantage of shared calendars, team chats and multi-party HD videos.

Regardless of which cloud solutions you choose, make sure that they have robust security features that will keep your data safe.

Ensure Your Employee Have Reliable Internet Connections

You have control over your office’s Internet connection and network, but things have changed now that your employees work from home. You need to ensure they have reliable, secure Internet connections.

Spotty Internet connections can cause problems at the worst times. For example, the connection might fail when one of your sales reps is finalizing a deal with a client on Zoom. When the Internet connection goes out, the Zoom call gets dropped. It makes your company look amateurish and inconsistent. A slow Internet connection can also make it easier for threat actors to intercept any data being shared as it takes longer to travel to the recipient.

Managed IT services from AxiaTP can help ensure that your employees have the connections they need to work without interruption. Managed IT services can also make sure you have the security, software and hardware you need to maintain your uptime during quarantine.

Invest in Telecommunication Technology, Such as VoIP

You never know when in-person meetings will happen again. Some experts believe that people should reduce contact with others until the end of the summer. Since your employees likely can’t meet with each other, their managers or their clients in person, you should invest in secure telecommunication technology that keeps them connected.

VoIP is a particularly appealing solution because it relies on broadband Internet connections instead of landlines while also keeping your calls private. AxiaTP’s VoIP phone service gives you HD-quality service; plus, you get extra features that help your team members stay in contact no matter where they are.

AxiaTP can also help you explore Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) as a telecommunication option. With SIP, AxiaTP can handle all of the technical details. You never have to worry about buying new hardware or software.

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed the way that professionals work. It doesn’t, however, have to cause significant disruptions that hurt your business. Contact AxiaTP today to get more information about technology solutions that can help you maintain your uptime and serve clients. With the right tools, you can become more efficient than ever before.