5 Ways to Get Rid of Technology Disruptions in Your Business

Technology is inarguably the backbone of most modern companies. Nearly all business operations nowadays revolve around technology. Whether it’s the network, software or hardware tools, a slight disruption can be detrimental.

In a world of radical technological transformations, the risk of being disrupted is high. It’s therefore imperative to stage your business in such a way that it can deal with any interruption, regardless of the magnitude.

Technological disruptions can be scary, even to the largest companies. Thanks to the below tailored solutions below, your business can handle interruptions without affecting critical operations and the overall output.

24/7/365 Monitoring

Keeping a watchful eye on your IT infrastructure is key to reducing downtime. According to a study by Gartner, businesses lose an average of $5,600 per minute during downtime. Such massive losses can affect productivity and possibly take your business to its knees.

With constant monitoring from your managed service provider, it’s easier to immediately detect any system flaws and vulnerabilities that might result in massive losses. Your service provider can quickly patch weaknesses in your system, thus preventing data breaches and other malicious attacks that might lead to costly downtime.

Round-the-clock monitoring is especially important for always-on businesses. Your customers depend on instant messaging, emails and other business applications after normal business hours. Keeping your systems on a 24/7 functionality optimizes these functions and keeps your business in full efficiency.

Layered Security Architecture

Combining multiple security mitigation controls helps keep your data and network safe and secure. The defense-in-depth strategy is perhaps the best approach to reduce cyber-attacks that cripple business operations. The average ransomware attack costs a whopping $713,000. This is enough to bring down small and mid-sized businesses within days or months.

Your outsourced IT providers can heighten cybersecurity measures through a more comprehensive approach. They provide a layered security architecture with password protections, encryption, limited file access and anonymizers on open-network connections to cushion your systems from disaster. With a comprehensive cybersecurity plan in place, your business will mitigate costs and damage that might occur from a data breach.

Get an IT Assessment

How often does your IT department conduct comprehensive and thorough reviews of your company’s technology systems? IT assessments are critical operations that help unearth vulnerabilities in your technological systems. The ultimate goal of IT assessments is to create optimal, efficient systems with reduced risks and costs.

Productive IT assessments provide insights into your technological environment. They showcase your organization’s security posture and identify areas that need strengthening. Reliable outsourced IT services enable your company to reinforce its IT systems and the general technology environment.

Outsource Your IT

If you want to get rid of technological disruptions in your company, outsourcing your IT department can be helpful. Many small and medium-sized businesses don’t have the budget to hire multiple in-house specialists, which leaves many aspects of their IT neglected and vulnerable.

With outsourced IT services, you get a full team of professionals at the cost of around one salaried employee to minimize your risk and address all areas of IT. A Managed Service Provider can perform many tasks that might prove difficult for your IT department because they specialize across various areas of IT proficiency and have the time and resources to dedicate to maintaining the health of your infrastructure.

Get Customized IT Strategies

Rather than relying on generic IT services, your business should seek a unique approach that aims to meet its specific needs. By customizing your IT approach, you can utilize tailor-made solutions that help you meet business goals, both current and future. Depending on the risk your business faces, you can acquire custom solutions that will streamline operations.

Custom IT solutions do protect your business from detrimental data breaches. With only 14% of small businesses being capable of mitigating cyber risks and vulnerabilities, having company-oriented IT strategies protects your business against threats that face your specific industry and systems.

Getting Rid of Technology Disruptions With AxiaTP

If you are looking to protect your business from detrimental technology disruptions, look to a reliable Managed Service Provider. Outsourced IT services increase efficiency and competitiveness, reduce labor costs and lower business risks. Contact us today for efficient business solutions.