3 Unexpected Ways Managed IT Services Can Support Your Business

IT is more than just having computers and devices. It’s a central core of your business that boosts your productivity, keeps your information organized, and helps protect your data. 

But IT can also come with some unexpected benefits, especially when you work with a managed IT service provider.

It Can Help Resolve Problems Faster

If you’re a small business, having an IT challenge can be overwhelming, especially if you don’t have a knowledgeable team to fix it. Even medium-sized businesses and organizations with an IT professional on staff can struggle to quickly resolve a problem. 

Having a dedicated IT services provider gives you access to a knowledgeable team who can address a range of problems and challenges.

The Caveat? Finding the Right Provider!

Not all IT services firms are created equal, as Andretti Group can attest. They previously struggled with a company who was slow to take action. “There would be a ton of open items and communication was really poor,” said Dylan Beaman, Business Manager with Andretti Group. 

Frustrated, they knew it was time to make a switch. Their search led them to AxiaTP. “After getting a new partner, it’s been nothing but greener pastures,” he said.

It Can Support Large Business Transitions

Change is inevitable and critical for business. Today, it’s almost impossible to make big, bold moves without the support of tech. 

When Andretti Group went through a recent acquisition process, they relied on their AxiaTP team to help make the transition as smooth as possible. 

“AxiaTP is probably one of the main proponents of us being that successful,” Beaman said.

“If we needed someone with boots on the ground, they were able to send us people who went around with our facilities team and made sure everything was perfect. I think from an IT perspective, that was probably one of the cleaner transitions or acquisitions that we’ve had.”

It Can Boost Employee Morale

There’s nothing more frustrating than when the tools you need to succeed aren’t working properly. An interrupted internet connection, a software bug, hardware that’s suddenly decided to crash—it can all take time to fix and lead to decreased morale among your team. But managed IT services can help with this on two fronts. 

First, a proactive IT service provider can help monitor and stop problems before they start, keeping your team up and running more often. Part of the AxiaTP client process, for example, first includes developing a thorough understanding of your business and providing tailored recommendations and guidance on how your business can best use IT to perform at optimal levels. We help support any big changes, like new hardware or software transitions, while providing monitoring and support of your day-to-day operations.

Second, a dedicated IT team that’s easy to work with can make any problems that do come up easier to navigate. We’ve all dealt with difficult vendors (no one likes to talk to the cable company, right?), which is why making sure you’re working with a service provider with great communication and interpersonal skills is important. 

“I feel like with a lot of other IT departments, whether it’s internal or external, it’s kind formally structured and there’s not a whole lot of personality,” Beaman said. “But Jeremy and his team at AxiaTP have been super awesome to work with, and we’re always laughing every time we connect.” 

Being able to feel comfortable and build relationships with your IT team can make a big difference in morale.

“It’s just nice dealing with real people that you know can put themselves in your shoes and help you navigate whatever challenges you’re trying to resolve,” Beaman said.

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