The Benefits of Using a VoIP Phone System for Your Business

VoIP Phone System

As businesses across the nation become more digitally connected to serve customers in an always-on world, they are constantly looking for technology to improve communication, collaboration and efficiency.

One tech trend that businesses across several industries have seen the benefits of is making the switch from traditional PBX phone systems to VoIP phone systems. Choosing a VoIP system over traditional systems helps save money, improve productivity, manage clients and boost sales.

If you’re not sure whether VoIP systems are best for your business, take a look at this guide to the advantages of using VoIP and how these systems can benefit your business long term.

VoIP Phone Systems Can Help Your Business Save Money

When you choose a PBX system, you can expect to pay $800–$1,000 per user each year. An office or call center with 50 employees, therefore, must pay around $40,000–$50,000 just to give personnel access to the phone services they need to contact customers.

That’s enough money to make new businesses think twice about opening new branches.
With a VoIP phone system, you could see the price fall as low as $800 per dozen users. Instead of $50,000 per year, you pay closer to $3,200 for the same staff size.

The savings become even more apparent when you consider that you don’t need to add new infrastructure to your offices. As long as you have computers connected to a network, you can start running VoIP in no time and pay through your Internet service. You don’t have to worry about costly on-site equipment, exorbitant set up fees or maintenance fees.

VoIP Phone Systems Have More Robust Features than Landline Phones

Landline phones lack the smart capabilities that VoIP phones possess. Their most advanced feature is that a PBX system can reroute incoming calls away from busy agents. Today, most businesses need more digitally-advanced technology that will improve efficiency and help you follow FCC guidelines.

With a VoIP phone system, you can:

    • Automatically notify callers that they may be recorded for training and quality assurance.
    • Queue calls to get redirected to the right team or person through cell phones, email or even text.
    • Connect with a Do-Not-Call database to avoid contacting blocked numbers.
    • Use a click-to-dial feature that automatically dials numbers for your employees.
    • Connect your phone system to tablets, desktop computers and other options outside of traditional telephones.
    • Set priority alerts that make sure important callers get the attention they need.
    • Productivity monitoring that ensures your employees focus on their jobs.

That’s just a short list of how VoIP phone systems can transform your office into a more productive place where employees can focus on their work without getting distracted.

VoIP Can Integrate with Popular CRM Apps to Boost Conversions 

Today’s most successful businesses rely on data to boost conversion rates. Theoretically, you could use a landline phone system with customer relationship management (CRM) software. It wouldn’t function very efficiently, though, and it would be costly.

VoIP phone systems can integrate with some of the most popular CRM apps to help your company make more sales.

When you connect VoIP with a CRM, your employees can:

    • See previous interactions between the customer and the company.
    • View the customer’s past purchases.
    • Know the customer’s location, demographics and other key metrics.
    • Use a script created for the customer’s unique demographic or need.
    • Access high-quality leads that are likely to convert.
    • Track the customer’s journey through marketing and sales funnels.

Managers also benefit because they can use VoIP phone systems and CRMs to generate reports that show how well their teams convert leads into customers. If a strategy doesn’t work as expected, they can adjust the approach for better results.

VoIP Phone Systems Can Connect Multiple Call Centers and Offices

If your business has multiple locations, you need a VoIP phone system that can efficiently connect callers to your representatives.

VoIP doesn’t have to rely on a centralized location to distribute calls. The phone system’s software can send incoming calls to employees at any site. Maybe all of your employees in Indianapolis are busy handling calls. If that’s the case, then a VoIP phone system can reroute incoming calls to your location in Cincinnati, Louisville, St. Louis or anywhere else in the world.

Since VoIP uses the Internet, your phone system can even direct calls to locations overseas.
Nearly all VoIP phone systems work better than landline phones. Overall, VoIP phone systems have the features your business needs to save money, improve efficiency and increase conversions that traditional phones simply do not have.

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