Why Your Business Needs a Network Assessment as Soon as Possible

business network assessment

With your company’s network ever-growing, it can be nearly impossible to know precisely what is occurring on all fronts of your IT infrastructure. That’s why regular assessments should be a crucial part of a proper cybersecurity strategy to keep your business safe.

Keeping your business running smoothly is ideal. However, with threats such as network downtime and ransomware attacks constantly affecting business efficiency, you need to continually check up on your systems to ensure you can patch new vulnerabilities and optimize your systems. Conducting regular assessments is critical to ensure you’re always protected against these threats.

What is a Business Network Assessment?

A network assessment is an in-depth review of your network infrastructure, including your security procedures, performance, management and processes. It gives you a broad summary of the state of your technology and suggestions for improvements.

With 44% of businesses planning to increase their tech spending in 2020, network assessment remains a crucial business procedure. Companies aim towards securing their network tools to optimize their operations.

Why Do You Need a Business Network Assessment?

Your IT network is inarguably the lifeblood of a business’s operation. Most of your operations revolve around software and hardware tools that make up the network infrastructure. Below are some reasons why network assessments are essential:

Improve Network Security by Identifying and Correcting Any Vulnerabilities and Weaknesses

Networks are in constant threat of malicious attacks. The worst thing about these attacks is that they usually involve threat actors taking advantage of hard-to-detect backend weaknesses. By the time your IT specialists notice a security breach, you’ve likely already suffered massive losses and data theft.

With a new cyber attack occurring every 39 seconds, your network system is under constant threat. Regular network checkups ensure that you can detect system vulnerabilities that might lead to downtime and patch them before they lead to serious damages. A periodic check of the system tools helps unearth weaknesses that malicious hackers might use to bring down your network.

Streamline Implementation of New Technologies

If you are planning for a more significant IT project or change in your infrastructure, a network assessment should be your first priority. Migrating to the cloud or replacing major hardware components might require you to do a comprehensive network audit to understand the risks these changes could pose to your network. Having insights into challenges that could arise during these changes is critical to prevent data loss or security incidents.

Uncover Serious Cost-Savings Potential

Network assessments analyze your existing IT infrastructure and recommend possible improvements that could help you save on IT-related costs. It assesses your technological needs and recommends more cost-effective strategies that your business can adopt to reduce downtime and other disruptions.

Network downtime costs an average of up to $163,000 per hour. However, with a proper assessment, you can identify and optimize critical tools to minimize downtime and save your business these exorbitant costs.

Create a Strategic Road Map For Your IT Systems and Personnel

A complete analysis of your current network environment gives your team much-needed visibility. It helps them zero-in on network automation, simplification and consolidation. This assessment gives you a clear roadmap to an ultra-modern, visualized and software-defined infrastructure.

Network assessments also enable your team to focus on a more strategic approach to business that goes hand-in-hand with your IT. It allows you to address IT concerns and how they relate to business goals both current and future to make sure your infrastructure remains scalable and adaptable.

How to Get a Business Network Assessment

If you want to conduct a full network assessment, it’s best to work with an efficient Managed Service Provider (MSP), such as AxiaTP, who offers comprehensive IT security services. This team of third-party IT experts will provide an accurate, unbiased system check and scrutinize all devices, ERP systems and services. This includes network speed, performance and security.

After their assessment, your MSP will provide a comprehensive report with findings and recommendations that you can act upon. With this approach, it will be easier for your business to address vulnerabilities early and prevent future security breaches or data loss.

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