Reduce Risk and Maintain Data Integrity

In growing organizations, confidentiality and integrity are threatened without a secure IT infrastructure. AxiaTP’s security as a service will manage your security by identifying threats, responding to attacks and protecting your data’s privacy.

AxiaTP’s assessment services analyze security from every practical standpoint to provide a 360-degree view of your organization’s security. We provide you with an integrated evaluation of how the various components of your information security program work together and assist in determining if they provide the level of security you expect. Our assessments cover security, internal and external vulnerability, penetration testing, web application security, wireless security, social engineering, physical security, secure code analysis and IT risk.

Whether you need a technical security solution, security program development or something as fundamental as policy creation, we have the right team.


  • Threat Exposure: We identify and help remove weakness and vulnerabilities from a technical, physical and administrative perspective, and reveal the level of risk posed to your organization’s operations, IT infrastructure, applications, wireless, sensitive data and personal information for both customers and personnel.

  • Comprehensive Reporting: We provide a detailed report both from a technical and management standpoint, showing issues, vulnerabilities and discovery methods, as well as provide an action plan to correct the problems in terms of a remedial, tactical and strategic approach.

  • Product and Vendor Neutral Advice: We provide objective, independent advice with regard to the best alternatives for the implementation of a sound security strategy.

Areas of Expertise


Federal and state laws and regulations, coupled with complex industry-specific rules, have created compliance requirements that may seem overwhelming to many organizations. AxiaTP has helped hundreds of diverse clients achieve their respective compliance goals.


Complicated problems require sophisticated solutions from professionals with hands-on experience. When working with our team at AxiaTP, you can expect the start-to-finish, right sized technology, security and risk counsel you deserve.


Identifying and evaluating risks and vulnerabilities are critical steps in establishing an effective security program. AxiaTP’s team can help your organization identify and evaluate risks, and determine effective strategies to either eliminate unnecessary risks or manage risks that cannot be removed.


Solid policies, standards and procedures provide the foundation of an effective security program only when well documented and consistently enforced. Testing and reviewing controls on a regular basis ensures that your organization meets its security objectives and properly documents its efforts.