A Consultative Approach to Managed Services

Putting a strong IT team in place at your business to set up an effective infrastructure is priceless. As technology advances and your business grows, you may require more complex systems to build a more reliable system that protects against downtime, cybersecurity threats, inefficiencies, and other harmful effects of outdated technology.

Although your current resources may limit you from installing an advanced IT infrastructure, teaming up with a managed IT services provider can help you with the task. If you own a small- or medium-sized business, having an expert manage your technology for a flat monthly rate will help you confidently focus on your company’s productivity without worrying about overspending on technology.

What Can A Managed Service Provider Do for Your Business?

A managed service provider (MSP) helps manage your IT infrastructure, monitor your network, oversee your data storage, and proactively offer support and maintenance. The best thing about managed IT services is that it frees you from engaging in time-consuming IT matters that distract you from your business. Moreover, when the services are provided in a consultative manner, you receive custom solutions personalized to your company’s individual needs.

AxiaTP has years of experience offering managed IT services in Indianapolis and has mastered the consultative approach to managed services. Our method of serving clients involves the following process.

Discover: Finding Challenges and Opportunities

To help meet your specific IT needs, managed service providers start by learning about your business and where you may be experiencing challenges with your company operations, technology, and processes. 

Rather than imposing generic solutions on your business that might not be beneficial, involving you in the discovery process makes it easier to find the perfect solution for your business’s challenges. Understanding your company’s operations will help our team identify gaps in your organization’s IT infrastructure.

Analyze: Identifying What Can Be Offered

With a proper understanding of your organization and its processes, our experts will examine which of our services will be valuable to your business. We won’t try to upsell you unnecessarily or lock you into a service package that you don’t need. Our focus will be on solutions that bring value to your business. 

This step in the process should prove that your service provider values your business rather than their own interests.

Strategize: Creating a Customized Solution

No two businesses are alike. Yours deserves a strategy that is solely designed to meet your specific needs! It will reinvigorate your business—for instance, if you are seeking to improve your customer experience by reducing delays and increasing efficiency, a custom software solution might just turn your business around in regard to productivity.

Execute: Implementing and Maintaining

The last step is the implementation and maintenance of your IT. We’ll bring your strategy to life, making necessary improvements as we go. The best part is, our partnership is just beginning. After putting your new solutions into practice, we will stick around to lead your technology efforts. We will continue to provide monitoring, troubleshooting, and whatever else you need to keep your business moving forward.

AxiaTP offers expert-level support and a comprehensive consultative approach that engages your organization and prioritizes understanding your business. Contact AxiaTP today to get the value, commitment, and lasting relationship that you deserve from an IT provider.