Why Your Business Should Utilize Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Infrastructure as a service (IaaS) is a cloud computing approach whereby your entire business infrastructure (networking, storage, servers, etc.) is provided and managed as a package by a provider. IaaS includes network connections, servers, IP addresses, bandwidth and firewalls.

As the digital revolution continues to dominate, enterprise-level companies struggle to meet secure, affordable and scalable infrastructure requirements. This affects productivity in today’s data-driven business environment where customer experience mostly depends on your company’s ability to leverage customer data.

IaaS helps enterprises to create cost-effective and easily scalable methods of IT solutions. Here are some reasons why your business should utilize IaaS.

Low Infrastructure Costs

With IaaS, your company doesn’t have to buy extra servers or hire extra staff in your IT department. The pay-as-you-go model allows you to pay only for what you use at a particular time.

IaaS service providers do not require term commitments, extra annual fees or upfront charges. Your capacity is metered, and it bills you for whatever you use during a certain month.

Since everything is cloud-based, your organization no longer needs to maintain networking and hardware equipment. Infrastructure as a service saves your company from having to buy more capacity in the event of business spikes.

IaaS Allows for Quick Setup and Maintenance

Setting up efficient in-house storage systems is time-consuming. It can take several days or even weeks to complete. With competition in any given industry being so intense, the long durations of downtime can hurt your business greatly.

IaaS allows for quick setup. You only need a few minutes or hours to set up your storage and servers. IaaS deploys apps more quickly and helps you stay ahead of the competition. This time can be the difference between a healthy business and a failed enterprise.

On-Demand Scalability

IaaS comes in handy when you want to scale your business up or down. IaaS providers have powerful storage servers and networking technology to accommodate all your business needs. Depending on the changing business requirements and opportunities, IaaS allows the necessary upgrades or downgrades on demand.

If your company is experiencing increased demand or traffic, you can upscale your servers to accommodate the spike. If there is low demand, you can downscale efficiently to operate on your budget.

But the best part is that you don’t need big-dollar budgets to upgrade your business operations. You don’t need to purchase more storage devices or invest in broader bandwidths. Cloud solutions are more scalable than their in-house counterparts, and hence, ideal for your business.

More Flexibility

Your company needs a flexible infrastructure solution that can provide seamless access and collaboration. With IaaS, your employees can access company data from virtually anywhere. All they need are Internet-connected devices to access company data.

With the workplace shift from office to home, this feature can be very crucial for your business. IaaS promotes collaboration that’s needed to make remote working a success. Remote teams can collaborate virtually and deliver excellent results without having to check in to the office.

IaaS Can Run Even When a Server Goes Down

IaaS promotes reliable business continuity. Cloud-based solutions are spread across multiple data centers and servers. Data remains accessible even when servers do not function properly.

With in-house infrastructure, a particular hardware failure can slow down an entire company. Even if an entire data center goes offline, the organization’s entire infrastructure will not be affected.

Using IaaS Preps for Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

Infrastructure as a service provides a consolidated disaster recovery platform. In case of an IT disaster, your employees can still access the affected infrastructure via the Internet.

In-house infrastructure is vulnerable to cyberattacks, such as hacking and data breaches. IaaS provides backup for data, critical applications and web servers. Whichever disaster strikes, your company will not lose data. IaaS providers host in highly secure data centers that aren’t vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Also, IaaS takes minimal time to restore infrastructure in the event of a disaster. It saves your business precious time that would have been wasted regaining access.

Why AxiaTP is the Ultimate IaaS Provider

You need a robust IaaS solution to achieve your IT goals. It saves money, provides scalability and seamless access and maximizes business continuity. Therefore, you should choose a reliable provider who can deliver a variety of cloud infrastructure solutions.

AxiaTP will help optimize your IT and infrastructure with scalable solutions. We keep your IT safe, up-to-date and secure. Get in touch with us today to learn how we can help grow your IT with IaaS.