Case Study: Santa’s Workshop

custom app

AxiaTP’s software development team has had the privilege of work with a host of impressive clients, big and small, public and private, on many custom software projects. From an Online Auction Platform to Volunteer Management Software and an innovative Property Management System, we’ve built it all.

Each project we’ve worked on has been exciting and with its own unique set of challenges, but as much as we don’t like to play favorites, none can compare to the work we did for Santa’s Workshop!

The Challenge

When Santa Claus’s Head of IT, Snowdrop Fizzysleigh, contacted us about a crashed Access database, we could hardly believe it! The whole team got straight to work building Santa Claus, a cutting-edge, fully responsive, remote-accessed custom web application.

Santa’s old database was suffering from a severe case of data overload, and the Workshop was in desperate need of something reliable. It would be pretty challenging to find an out-of-the-box solution that could meet the unique needs of Santa’s Workshop.

The Solution

The Naughty & Nice Application Program Interface allows the elves who monitor children’s behavior to update Santa’s data feed in real-time. So whereas they still have to watch and report back to Santa’s Workshop, they can now do it without all the duplication that comes with mindless data entry. The new software system provides real-time alerts that keep Santa’s list current with minimal manual data maintenance. It also produces trending reports to show who has moved off the naughty list and who gets another round of coal.

The Naughty & Nice App keeps my workshop running smoothly and swiftly and makes on-time Christmas delivery as easy as gingerbread pie!”

Kris Kringle

When Santa Claus sets out on the big night, he takes his mobile device with him, and present deliveries are a snap! Each child’s location has a geocode to allow the application to plot the most efficient route Santa can take. All Santa has to do is let the reindeer steer him to the next location, check the naughty/nice color coding on the child’s name, and then grab the gifts as they’re listed when he hits his destination.

The Results

Now work in Santa’s Workshop is streamlined, optimized, and mobile. No more checking the list twice – the custom app ensures Santa is right the first time!

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