Best Internet Solution for Small to Medium-Sized Businesses: Dedicated Internet Access

business internet solution

It’s simple: small to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) need the best internet solution for your company’s communication needs. 

In the past, you might have taken for granted that your internet just worked. It was a standard, in-office solution. But, your organization is evolving, and you are diversifying where and when your employees are working. Beyond technological developments, you need dedicated internet access that will meet your team’s needs both now and in the future.

What is Dedicated Internet Access (DIA)?

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) offers the secure, reliable connection you need for your business. Your organization has exclusive access to the network, which gives you more control over how, when, and where you and your team will connect.

You need business internet solutions that will deliver consistent high-quality results! Here are just a few of the reasons that DIA should be a top contender when choosing an internet solution for your business.

What About Upload and Download Sync?

On a shared connection, your upload and download speeds will vary depending on activities by other users. For high-priority business scenarios, this disparity in the upload and download sync is simply unacceptable, particularly for situations like video conferences with clients or internet-based investor pitches.

With DIA, your upload and download speeds are in sync. You can rely on consistently fast and reliable upload and download speeds for cloud-based storage, web conferencing, and other key communications activities.

What About Guaranteed Bandwidth?

Shared bandwidth is a big problem for many businesses, particularly during peak business hours. Your internet speeds can lag and even drop when you’re on a shared connection that’s overcrowded or not properly maintained.

With DIA, you and your team have guaranteed bandwidth that’s dedicated to your company’s use. That means you should never see lag, downtime, or other embarrassing side effects of a shared bandwidth situation.

What About Network Support?

With shared bandwidth, you are just like any other customer who is on the network. You can call and ask for support when you see lag or downtime, particularly when it’s affecting your high-priority business communications efforts. But, chances are your customer service rep won’t be able to solve the problem immediately. There are limitations to shared bandwidth issues that are not quick or easy to resolve.

With DIA, you’ll discover a whole new level of customer service and support predicated on your provider’s dedication to ensuring that you’re satisfied with the product that you’ve signed up for. We work with you to ensure that your needs are met not only now, but in the future when your company is bigger and your client list is longer and more involved.

Reliable Dedicated Internet Access

At AxiaTP, we know you need fast, consistent internet services. We also know you need the bandwidth and speeds to serve the needs of your company and your clients. 

We specialize in delivering a high-quality connection that your business relies on for all your day-to-day operations. Contact AxiaTP today to learn more about the benefits of Dedicated Internet Access and to set yourself up with the best internet solution for SMBs.