Why IT Services Aren’t Just for Big Companies

Pink laptop sitting on top of a table

Deciding to work with an IT service provider is a big step in your business. But if you’re a small-to-medium-sized business (SMB) or organization, you might feel intimidated by the process, concerned you’re too small to benefit, or it might not even be on your radar as something your business needs. 

The truth is IT services aren’t just for big companies. And if you have growth goals, IT is likely going to help you make them a reality even faster.

You Have Real IT Needs

You might think of IT as having big server rooms and fancy software solutions. While those can be a part of it, IT is simply using computers to store, create, and access data. Almost every business, no matter how small, is engaged with IT every day, even if it’s just the simple act of using your smartphone to make calls and read emails.

The right IT partner can help you navigate your options, introduce you to solutions you might not even know exist, and work with you to achieve your larger business goals through IT.

You Need Security and Peace of Mind

Security threats aren’t just for the big guys. SMBs and organizations can be targets of hacking, phishing scams, ransomware, and more—and the threats are only becoming more sophisticated. As cybersecurity needs advance, you’re going to need experts on your side to keep your business safe and help combat problems as they arise.

You Can’t Maintain a Full IT Team

Large companies often have an in-house IT team that can take care of day-to-day IT maintenance. But chances are you don’t have the luxury of keeping an expert or two on staff full-time. While you might have people on your team who are skilled at troubleshooting some tech issues, they likely don’t have the training and expertise of an IT professional who takes care of complex problems.

Your Productivity is Critical

Business productivity is critical for businesses of all sizes, but when you’re a small, mighty team, your productivity is even more important. Think of it this way: If one person has tech issues at a Fortune 500 company, they’re one out of hundreds, if not thousands, losing productivity. If someone has a tech issue on a team of 15, you’re losing a bigger share of your productivity. Plus, when one person has an issue, it’s likely others are having an issue, too.

Having an IT partner not only helps you troubleshoot when those problems occur, it helps you keep them from happening. A managed IT service provider (MSP) who invests in a solid, consultative onboarding process and who proactively monitors your tech is able to help you overcome and minimize challenges.

You Want to Focus on What You Do Best

You likely didn’t go into business to spend time worrying about technology challenges or whether you’re employing the right solutions for your team. 

The right MSP is a resource and tool for making these decisions, whether it’s looking to upgrade hardware, install a new point of sale system, or even invest in more cybersecurity protections. When you hand over the heavy lifting to your IT partner, you can spend the bulk of your time focused on the tasks that you enjoy and help you grow your business even more.

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