How IT Affects the Decision Making of Entrepreneurs in Business Management

Today’s IT is sophisticated and forward-thinking, far beyond the days of clunky desktops and a small help desk team troubleshooting when computers freeze. In fact, the most successful business leaders and entrepreneurs today rely on IT not just for day-to-day operations, but to make critical decisions about their business. Here’s how!

Access to Data and Information

Technology innovations allow us to collect more data than ever. Even household appliances have become “smart” and are capable of collecting data. 

But what good is data if you can’t easily access it? 

As an entrepreneur, accessing data in real time gives you a full picture of your business. But you need the right tools in place to make it happen. Without a streamlined IT setup, including cloud capabilities, speedy and trustworthy internet connections, and the right software solutions, your ability to access the information you need can be hindered. 

Also important is being able to collect data in a central location. When data is housed in different siloes managed by different teams or individuals, it’s harder to keep the data clean, effective, and up-to-date.

Speed of Decision Making

Tech has changed the pace for business. Going hand-in-hand with data access is the speed of decision making. Losing time gathering, cleaning, and analyzing data makes it hard to make decisions efficiently, especially if data becomes outdated by the time you’re able to get it. 

When data is accessible and easy to analyze, big decisions can be made faster. This is especially true when it comes to decisions involving your team.

Hiring and Employee Management

Do you need to hire more team members? Who is struggling to perform? Is overall team productivity what it should be, or do we need to increase efficiency? 

Answering these questions can be a challenge for any business owner, but IT can provide insights into backlogs and bottlenecks, underperforming employees, and whether or not it makes sense to expand—or cut—your team.

IT can also help your employees thrive. Team members carrying out the day-to-day operations give the best insight into what they need to do their job well, whether it’s changes to processes, new solutions that help streamline systems, or opportunities for team expansion.

Products and Services

How can you segment your customers? How can you better interact with them? How are they commonly interacting with you? All are questions that can be answered with data and IT-backed solutions.

IT solutions can power your customer insights and help you understand more about them than ever before. When you have this information in hand, you’re better able to understand how to serve them and what the future of your products and services looks like.

Time to Make Decisions

It’s not just about what decisions you can make with IT. It’s also about how IT frees you up to make the decisions themselves.

Spending time dealing with slow IT solutions and the headaches they create takes you away from doing tasks that can move your business forward. As a business owner you have better things to do than juggling hardware and software updates, managing cybersecurity risks, and helping your team troubleshoot issues.

Effective IT keeps your business running smoothly and allows you to spend time focusing on big picture solutions and tasks that impact your bottom line.

How an MSP Partner Can Help

Unless you have an IT background, you likely struggle with the complexities of today’s IT while also fully understanding the promise and opportunity for your business. A managed service provider (MSP) provides the day-to-day support you need in addition to guidance on what implementations make the most sense for your unique business.

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