How Good IT Boosts Team Morale

In the days of the Great Resignation, keeping employees happy is more important than ever. While many factors play a role in employee morale and satisfaction, one is often overlooked by leadership: workplace technology.

Technology is at the heart of almost everything these days, and without solid IT solutions and a workplace technology strategy in place, employees might feel less than stellar about their job. Here’s how IT can directly impact your team morale.

It keeps them at their jobs

The most important way tech can boost morale? Keeping employees in their roles and limiting turn over.
Individuals are increasingly making career decisions around the tech available to them.  A recent ComputerWorld article reports a little over 20% of employees will stay with an employer who provides them ideal tech solutions or will move on to another who offers them the right tech. As AI solutions and other technologies help automate and streamline processes, employees are going to expect more from their workplace tech. Are you prepared?

It signals you care

When you take strides to invest in IT–especially for workplace tech solutions that employees use every day–it signals you value innovation and want to provide the best tools to your people. It can also become a source of pride for some employees to know they get to work with state-of-the-art technology and solutions that help them be better at their job. When employees know you care, they’re more likely to care, too.

It empowers employees–especially when they have a choice

“It’s always in the best interest for the company to embrace the best tech for workers,” says Prithwiraj Choudhury, a Harvard Business School associate professor, in a recent Washington Post article

This is especially true when employees are given choices around their workplace tech. No one knows how to get the job done better than the people doing it every day. When team members are given a voice and allowed to aid in the tech selection process–or given options with their own devices–they feel more empowered to do their job and do it well.

It gives them flexibility

It’s no secret the workplace is increasingly one of flexibility, but that flexibility can’t exist without strong IT. From Microsoft Teams to communications solutions that let employees answer their desk phone on their smartphone wherever they are, tech allows teams to stay connected to each other and to clients across the globe. 

This flexibility is becoming increasingly important for job satisfaction. If your IT isn’t supporting a more flexible workplace, employees are likely growing weary. This means they’re looking for another role that meets their expectations.

It increases their productivity

Slow computers, regular bouts of downtime, outdated software–every business faces tech challenges at one point or another. But if you’re slow to react, your team will take notice. 

No one wants to waste their work week dealing with tech headaches or trying to use slow, outdated solutions that directly impact their productivity. In fact, a recent survey found that almost half of employees report having the right tech solutions makes them more productive and, therefore, happier with their work.

It improves collaboration

Whether in the office or remote, today’s cloud solutions make collaboration across teams easier than ever. Sharing files is instantaneous, as is the ability to simultaneously work on projects and presentations no matter their location. Communication tools like Teams also allow for everyone to engage quickly no matter their location. When collaboration is less of a challenge, employees are more likely to feel productive and satisfied.

Don’t let poor IT wreak havoc across your organization. Develop a relationship with an IT partner who cares about your team and business. Let’s talk.