Reimagine Your Apps and Transform Your Industry with Azure


Why Azure?


Turn your ideas into solutions faster with Azure. Develop using any tool, language or framework you want and access 100+ services with great end-to-end tools to make you successful.


Get a consistent experience, whether in the cloud or on-premises, and a comprehensive view across both environments. Azure has the broadest set of hybrid capabilities of any cloud provider.


Achieve more with a leading set of modern artificial intelligence (AI) services, tools and enterprise-grade infrastructure that allow you to run your AI workloads from anywhere at scale. Take advantage of pre-built APIs or build your own AI solutions easily, including custom machine learning models.


With more certifications than any other cloud provider, Azure is a trusted partner and leader in privacy, compliance, and security. Build your applications and migrate your infrastructure with peace of mind.

Start with a Secure Foundation

Security is a given in the cloud industry, but Azure’s proactive approach to security, compliance and privacy is unique. With 70+ compliance offerings, Microsoft leads the industry in establishing clear security and privacy requirements and then consistently meeting these requirements.

Security advantages of Azure include: global multi-layered security across physical data centers, infrastructure and operations, a cloud that is built with customized hardware, has security controls integrated into the hardware and firmware components and added protections against threats like DDoS and a team of more than 3,500 global cybersecurity experts that work together to help safeguard your business assets and data.