Keep the Backbone of Your Business Running Smoothly

Your network provides a foundation for all of the data communication that drives your business; and if your network is out of date, or not performing optimally, you’re losing money and opportunities. AxiaTP will work with you to determine the needs for your specific business, and provide a solution that will optimize business workflows and increase productivity.

As your connectivity partner, we are able to manage your WAN or LAN, protect your critical data through colocation, provide the best network for your business and more.

Connectivity Services


Whether you have a single office or a multi-building local area network (LAN), we can enhance your services with structured cabling and managed services. And our network monitoring software puts you in control by providing real-time feedback and reporting so you can stay ahead of network issues.


WAN consolidation enables your business to build a “flat network” between multiple office locations and colocation facilities. The direct connections made enable private, secure connectivity between offices, data centers and hosted equipment without the need for a VPN or remote access service.


Protect the valuable data that drives your business with colocation. We store your servers and equipment in the most secure, disaster-proof data center environments throughout the country. Not only that, but services include 24/7 monitoring, extended battery and generator power, security safeguards and more.


Traditional WAN connects users to applications hosted on services in the data center. With cloud solutions growing each day, Software Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) is a great way to increase the performance of your bandwidth while reducing operational costs.


Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS) offers a private connection that is more secure than your average network. Its architecture prioritizes your traffic to ensure your most important data gets to you fast. Our solutions are versatile enough to support voice, video and data applications over one single network.


AxiaTP can provide dedicated and fast Internet connection to your business with 24/7 network monitoring. It’s a cost-effective solution for high bandwidth companies where continuous and reliable online access is crucial to their business.


For virtually unlimited bandwidth speeds and the fastest data transmission speeds, consider using a fiber connection. AxiaTP offers leased fiber that spans the state and country and dedicated dark fiber that provides unrestricted control of protocol, platform and bandwidth.


Whether your WAN is public or private, our VPN solutions will keep your network and data secure. Allow your employees to work while maintaining privacy, confidentiality and compliance.


AT&T wireless backup solutions will give you peace of mind in the event of a power or service outage. When an event happens, your Internet connectivity will be restored via the AT&T 4G wireless network to keep your business running smoothly.