WAN and LAN Services

Today’s networks must be smarter and more powerful than ever before. Cloud Computing, Big Data, Mobility, and Unified Communications are pushing the network envelope. Businesses need more bandwidth, security, reliability and scalability, but more often than not, don’t have the budget to do everything. That’s where AxiaTP’s network services comes in.


AxiaTP provides the WAN and LAN technologies that enable your business to run.

Traditional network architectures simply cannot keep pace and deliver the performance, security and visibility needed by today’s businesses. Faster and more efficient networks are cost effective, keep end users happier, and contribute to increased profit margins. We help businesses get and stay ahead of the technology curve with the speed, security, reliability and the flexibility necessary to adapt to an evolving business climate. And we can do that at a fraction of the cost of most traditional suppliers.

The Backbone of Your Business

Your network provides a foundation for all of the data communication that drives your business, and if your network is out of date, or not performing optimally, your losing money and opportunities. Axia Technology Partners will work with you to determine the needs for your specific business, and provide a solution that will optimize business workflows and increase productivity.

Local Area Network Services

Whether you have a single office, or a multi-building local area network, Axia Technology Partners can provide a number of products and services to enhance your LAN including Structured Cabling, and Managed Services (including managed routers, switches, and firewalls). In addition, our Precision View network monitoring software puts you in control by providing real-time feedback and reporting so you can stay ahead of network issues.

Wide Area Network Services

In addition to helping you optimize your LAN, AxiaTP also provides Wide Area Network services that can increase your bandwidth, create redundancy, increase your uptime, and protect your most important data. We offer both Leased Fiber Construction and Dark Fiber Solutions that provide unlimited bandwidth at a fixed, cost-effective price.

Colocation and Data Center

We partner with 12 Data Centers across the United States, all Tier 3 or above, in order to provide you with the most secure, reliable, storage options for your most critical data.

Managed Network Services

AxiaTP’s Managed Network Services provide a plethora of advantages including:

  • Powerful network platform that delivers essential cloud-based services
  • Mission-critical performance with network traffic prioritization
  • Large volume data management with exceptional bandwidth speeds
  • 24x7x365 network monitoring
  • Secure access to your company’s most critical data

Consultation Services

Axia Technology Partners provides an on-site consultation where we evaluate your current network, assess your ongoing business needs, and then make recommendations for optimization and security. Contact our sales team to set up a personal consultation.

Learn How AxiaTP Can Help Your Business
Small & Medium Businesses
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AxiaTP offers the highest level of VoIP and Internet service at a fraction of the cost of traditional companies. Get the features and functions you need to run your business at a price you can afford.

K-12 and Higher Education
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AxiaTP helps educators stretch their IT budgets by providing discounted IP Technology products and services. In addition, we can help K-12 schools apply for e-Rate funding to stretch their budgets further.

Municipal Government
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Connecting agencies and departments like police and fire, courts and probation, public works, and other city and county administration buildings creates many efficiencies and costs savings.

Financial Institutions
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Employ WAN consolidation to connect all of your branches through a dedicated fiber solution and save as much as 50% on your phone and internet costs while optimizing business workflows in the process.

Law Offices & Legal Services
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AxiaTP's proprietary Unified Communications Platform lets you integrate your phones with other systems to optimize workflows, saving you both time and money.