Upgrading Santa’s Software

custom software

When engaging with a software development company, it’s essential to keep in mind that having custom software developed is not a one-time thing.

Like a car or a home, a custom web application needs maintenance and the occasional upgrade; that’s true whether we are building software for non-profits, big businesses, or even Jolly Old Saint Nick.

That’s right, Jolly Old Saint Nick! Santa Claus’s Access database had crashed under the weight of the ever-increasing data loads of the naughty and nice lists, and he needed a custom application to maximize operational efficiency at Santa’s Workshop.

The Naughty & Nice Application

AxiaTP’s software development team built the Naughty & Nice Application, a fully responsive, remote-accessed custom software solution. This app gives Santa Claus and his elves the ability to monitor children’s antics with real-time alerts that keep the naughty and nice lists up-to-date with minimal manual data maintenance.

So when Santa sets out on the big night, he can take his mobile device along with him, making his time-crunching delivery a snap! Each child’s location is geocoded, which allows the application to plot the most efficient route for Santa to take. All Santa has to do is let the reindeer steer him to each location, check the naughty/nice color coding on the child’s name, and then grab the gifts as listed in the app.

Why an Update Was Needed

As the population continues to grow and children’s names routinely need to be added, the Naughty & Nice Application requires tune-ups to handle the massive influx of new data. Like any software, enhancements are needed as time goes by.

Santa Claus was concerned that with the ever-changing landscape of families, many children have two addresses, so he wanted to add a new feature; he wanted to add multiple addresses per child instead of only one. Thanks to the support and enhancement plan in place, we could up-scale the Naughty & Nice Application to allow for the increased data and add the multiple addresses option’s additional functionalities.

We also enforced the application’s security. Santa Claus had heard that the Easter Bunny’s software system had suffered a malware attack, so we upgraded his app with a new .Net framework, just in case someone on the naughty list decided to tamper with the data.

The Bottom Line

Whether you’re running Santa’s workshop, a large organization, or a small business, with the proper enhancement and warranty plan in place, your custom software application can continue to grow and change with you as long as your needs require.

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