Toll-Free Service

AxiaTP offers switched, dedicated and vanity toll free services enabling customers across the globe to reach your business without the high costs of dialing long distance. Our comprehensive network coverage spans the country allowing for a seamless transition to the AxiaTP core by porting an existing number. Quick and easy service turn-ups on both new and ported toll free numbers keep your corporate communications from missing your next sales opportunity.

AxiaTP delivers all toll free services via dedicated or public/private SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) connections.  Our carrier network coverage spans the globe and interconnects with the largest carrier backbones, providing cost effective and competitive rate plans.

Boost your sales and marketing departments while increasing your national presence with AxiaTP VoIP Toll Free Numbers. To reach a member of the Axia Sales Team please call 1.866.459.5360 (option 1) or at [email protected]

AxiaTP Toll Free Service Connections:

    • Dedicated SIP Service
    • Switched Toll Free Services
    • Codec Support: G.711 & G.729A

Available Options:

    • Dedicated Toll Free Rate Plans
    • High Volume Rate Plan Discounts