T1 and T3 Services

AxiT1/T3 Services ConnectivityaTP’s dedicated business internet service can deliver you lightning fast speeds and guaranteed 99.99% uptime to ensure your business is connected 24x7x365.

With the growth of Voice over IP (VoIP),cloud computing, and video conferencing, businesses are becoming more dependent on the Internet for day -to-day operations. Businesses are increasingly securing reliable, dedicated Internet options to accommodate these services.

In addition to a traditional dedicated T1 (DS1) service, AxiaTP offers bonded T3 services that can bring larger bandwidth options via dedicated, monitored, and managed connections. A dedicated T1 line transfers data at a speed of 1.54 Mbps, while a T3 (DS3) connects your business  at over 45 Mbps.

Dedicated T1/T3 service is a premium business class offering created to best meet your need for speed, privacy, and reliability.

Our T1 and T3 Connections Offer:

    • 99.99% guaranteed uptime
    • Dedicated Private Service Connection
    • Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) routing to bypass connection outages
    • Live Bandwidth Monitoring
    • 24x7x365 Network Operations Support
    • Online Customer Portal – for Billing Access, Network Monitoring, and Support.

AxiaTP maintains an expansive national core network and can deliver our services in 98% of markets throughout the United States.

AxiaTP maintains relationships with five of the largest carrier networks in the United States. These relationships allow us to provide more reliability and redundancy than other business internet providers. Our services have a 99.99% uptime guarantee that is backed by industry leading service level agreements. We proactively monitor and manage all of our connections and our customer support team is on call 24x7x365 to quickly respond to your concerns.