Automate Document Processing

Every business wants to be more efficient. As a partner of PSIGEN, we offer a software solution that significantly reduces the workload of most office workers that need to process documents and data. It works with practically any information system, such as document management, records management or line of business system. The solution works in nearly any sized company and practically every vertical market or specialty.

Leveraging the technology we offer, along with the technology commercially available in the cloud, PSIGEN is truly scalable and has a very prompt payback. PSIGEN’s end-to-end solutions focuses on cost reduction, compliance and improved efficiency for any organization around the globe.



  • Capture and Scanning: Scanning assets one by one and electronic filing by hand is unproductive. PSIGEN fully integrates with your devices for scanning and migrating documents, resulting in document processing that is so efficient it’s nearly invisible.

  • BPO and Service Bureau Software: Manual entry errors and slow production time can have a negative impact on project delivery. PSIcapture was born in the service bureau environment, so it is built and tested for maximum throughput and minimal labor time when processing scanned documents.

  • Capture to SharePoint: PSIcapture provides a direct integration with SharePoint, which allows users to capture documents, extract data and route indexed documents directly into the appropriate SharePoint Libraries and Folders.

  • End-to-End Document Management: PSIcapture can simplify financial transactions, automate signature extraction and auto-route documents to storage. And PSIGEN’s robust security features allow you to comply with FINRA and SEC regulations without compromising the quality and efficiency of your document capture solution.

  • Multi-Function Printer (MFP) Scanning: An MFP has the ability to connect to servers and networks, and scan documents to create digital copies. Storing documents digitally can allow your organization to reduce or eliminate the amount of physical files that need to be stored—helping to reduce cost and improve productivity within your workforce.

PSIGEN Products



PSIcapture has become a scalable, lightning fast, rock steady platform to meet all the information gathering needs of an organization. PSIcapture utilizes data collection and extraction options; after automatically extracting important indexing information from documents, PSIcapture can then simultaneously publish the images and the collected data to any number of over 60 different business automation and storage solutions.

PSIcapture was also designed to be future-proof. Since it can flexibly integrate with virtually any scanning device or document management system, a business can change their main storage or scanning systems, and still keep with the workflows established within PSIcapture.



For an organization to be efficient and agile, managers and employees must be able to work with mission-critical data anywhere. But, traditional filing systems—paper documents, shared drives and personal hard drives—are rife with hassles, risks and expense. PSIsafe is a centralized repository where all document are accessed and managed, eliminating the inefficiencies of filing cabinets, shared drives and local hard drives.

PSIsafe also has a mobile application, third-party integrations, document change scheduling, forms management and much more. Setup (for either cloud or on-premise) is a flexible installation, allowing for the creation of a tailored solution for any organization.