Create Deeper Engagement with Texting Solutions

In today’s workforce, people are busier than ever; so they are finding ways to connect in the fastest way possible. It’s no wonder why instant messaging has quickly become the preferred method of communication in the modern world.

AxiaTP offers two unique platforms for businesses to better engage their target audience—whether it be customers, fans, employees or communities—via texting or messaging. Our platforms will help you get messages out to your audience quickly to build valuable relationships.

Messaging Platforms



Kerauno Launch is a text engagement platform that delivers greater impact and deeper engagement through the power of two-way text communication. The platform allows businesses to reach subscribers quickly to share targeted information about their company, upcoming events, marketing campaigns and more.

Similar to email marketing, Kerauno Launch allows you to collect opt-ins, schedule messages and manage everything on your mobile device.



Chat+ is a collaboration software that provides channel-based abilities to communicate with your team. Chat+ allows users to create public or private channels, as well as direct messages, to collaborate in real time. Share files and ideas quickly and easily for a better way to move work forward.

Chat+ is a feature of the Kerauno platform, and is completely free to use. Download the app now on your phone or desktop to try it out!