Power Safeguards

PowerAxiaTP understands the critical need for 100% uptime and the major risks power outages can pose for businesses. Each AxiaTP data center facility guarantees complete uptime and connectivity through redundant power procedures.

These back up measures include power supply, cooling systems and emergency backup generators to ensure your connection will not be compromised. Utilizing each redundant power procedure, your critical data and IT infrastructure are safeguarded in the event of an emergency. Each data center is designed to withstand natural disasters including tornadoes, earthquakes and floods.

Power Redundancy details:

  • 10 Megawatts of incoming redundant utility power (20 total MW available non-redundant)
  • UPS Flywheels create power until generators can start up, which takes roughly 8 seconds
  • Diesel-powered generators can run non-stop for 3 weeks (60,000 gallons onsite at all times)
  • Backup generators in case one fails during a power outage
  • Battery backup systems