Managed Services

As a Managed Service Provider, AxiaTP can deliver the foundational elements to keep your network monitoring and components functional around the clock.  Managed service components include wide area network management (WAN Management), local area network management (LAN Management), and subset groupings of managed service elements: routers, switches and firewalls.  These services are essential as they are the baseline foundation of a corporate network.  Without a strong and robust foundation, all other layered services (voice, video and data) can be impacted. With our certified engineers safeguarding your business from security threats and downtime, you’ll never again have to worry about the stability of your network.

Managed WAN

The corporate wide area network (WAN) is a critical component to business operations.  Large corporate WANs take dedicated resources and application management in order to ensure optimal and available functionality around the clock.

Backed by an engineered self-healing data network (SHDN), the AxiaTP managed WAN services are delivered utilizing 29 of the nation’s largest backbone providers.  These services can be delivered to connect locations across North America via fiber, Ethernet or copper. WAN services can egress from multiple data center facilities throughout the US and can be managed 24x7x365 by the AxiaTP NOC staff.  Additionally, with managed WAN services customers can experience proactive monitoring software solutions that assist in notifying the client of trouble, isolation of incidents and dispatching internal AxiaTP engineering resources.

Managed LAN

Managed servicesA managed local area network (LAN) is crucial to maximizing your company’s productivity and profitability. Supporting a small business LAN can drain in-house IT resources when the focus should be on expanding your business.

AxiaTP managed LAN services will provide visibility into your network system through design, implementation and around the clock support. Managed LAN services provide control, configuration and comprehensive network monitoring of your expanding communications infrastructure:

Enjoy the benefits of a Managed LAN service and let AxiaTP monitor your network for you.

The Axia Advantage:

    • Comprehensive network monitoring and reporting
    • Eliminate the extra costs associated with outside IT staff
    • Provide a detailed look into your company’s network
    • Leading industry experts to manage your network 24/7/365
    • Help make better business decisions to increase profitability
    • Improved Network Uptime
    • Network Optimization

Managed Firewall

AxiaTP Precision View and firewall management services provide your critical network infrastructure with 24x7x365 uptime monitoring and state-of-the-art firewall protection to keep your networks and information secure.

A security threat or network intrusion can leave your network down for days. Unproductive employees and lost customers are the costly side effects of network downtime. AxiaTP provides proactive monitoring and firewall management of your critical network infrastructure.

Precision VIewBenefits of PrecisionView and Firewall Management:

  • 24x7x365 proactive network appliance monitoring
  • Easily updated to support VPN users, employee changes, or new applications
  • Managed by certified security compliance staff
  • Emergency response and intrusion detection
  • Updated software and appliance patches
  • Firewall configuration, installation, and network design management

Firewall management is resource intensive and requires a high level of attention to manage and maintain. The majority of firewall and security intrusions are caused by misconfigured devices or improper maintenance. AxiaTP ensures your network is up-to-date and notifies you within minutes of security threats or network downtime. AxiaTP protects large corporations, financial institutions and municipalities throughout the United States. Our clients require the highest levels of reliability and security.

Managed Switch

AxiaTP Managed Switch services link each of your critical communication devices together over a private IP connection. Allowing your business the ability to configure, manage and monitor local traffic, AxiaTP Managed Services will prioritize traffic to ensure the most important information is transmitted first.

Put your company in control of data traffic while maximizing workflow efficiency and guaranteeing consistent network performance. AxiaTP Managed Switch services enable your business to customize communication traffic specific to your needs.

The Axia Advantage:

    • Guaranteed Quality of Service
    • Flexibility
    • Virtual LANs
    • Maximum redundancy
    • Leading industry experts to manage your traffic
    • Network analysis and problem diagnosis through port mirroring

Managed Router

Managed Network Services are the building blocks for your growing corporate communications. AxiaTP Managed Router Services link your office computers through a dedicated internet connection which designates the most efficient path of travel to send your business communications, improving efficiency and reducing downtime.

Enable your IT staff to focus on your core business by outsourcing network management services to industry leading experts and increase internal productivity. Improving the performance of your wide area network (WAN), managed router services are key in connecting a growing enterprise with multiple networks.

The Axia Advantage:

    • Expert network engineers managing your critical communications 24/7
    • Configuration and installation of managed router
    • Reduce unexpected downtime
    • Increased visibility of your corporate network
    • Pro-active monitoring and maintenance