Managed Services for Small Businesses: More Than Just Tech Support


Many businesses choose to partner with a managed service provider (MSP) instead of keeping in-house IT professionals because of the benefits MSPs provide extend beyond simple tech support.

Excellent IT services are a must, but the other perks of hiring an MSP make the decision easy. Let’s look at how managed services for small businesses and MSPs can effectively help you better your business.

Access to an Entire Team of Experts

There’s nothing better than working with an expert team. MSPs are backed by a team full of IT professionals whose knowledge will be solely dedicated to helping you maintain smooth business operations. 

Not only will you have access to multiple professionals for a flat rate, but chances are that different members of your MSP’s team will have expansive experience with a range of IT solutions. You will have instant connection to specialists who handle cloud computing, network issues, connectivity, IT security, and more.

High-Quality Service

Most MSPs use service level agreements (SLAs) that give you peace of mind. Having predetermined deadlines and agreements reduces the chance of unmet expectations. Your MSP will clarify responsibilities, establish boundaries, and help you understand exactly what you will be getting for your money. You won’t be hit with surprise fees, poor-quality solutions, or an unexpected lack of tech support.

Proactive Maintenance and Support

Traditional IT maintenance and support follow a fixed model similar to a one-size-fits-all solution, which does not account for your organization’s nuances or support its business growth. Managed IT services use remote maintenance and monitoring tools that continuously scan and monitor your hardware for potential issues. By using these tools, if problems occur, repairs are made before they can cause downtime or other costly issues.

Cost Savings

Saving money on managed IT services allows you to trim your IT budget and divert extra funds into other parts of your business. Bringing in an MSP gives you the help you need for a low monthly rate instead of paying multiple salaries for IT employees to help you during business hours.

Cost Management

Running and maintaining a business can cost a small fortune if it’s not done correctly. When it comes to IT services, MSPs provide a predictable option for improving your business. You can create a budget without worrying about overspending because you can rely on your MSP’s flat rate.

Economies of Scale

Top of the line hardware and software can be expensive, unless you have a connection that can help you make cost-effective decisions on what’s best for your business. Many MSPs maintain relationships with vendors to obtain competitive pricing on the latest hardware and software and can set you up with exactly what your business needs.

Enhanced IT Security

Network security is non-negotiable for modern businesses. Cybercrime is constantly on the rise and is a serious threat to all businesses, big and small. When professionals are managing your IT security, you can rest easy knowing your data and your clients’ data are both safe. MSPs take your security solutions to the next level.

Prevent HR Headaches

When you keep your IT in-house, your human resources team will have to onboard and offboard every employee who passes through the IT department. Sick pay, annual leave, bonus payments, and other HR responsibilities don’t come into play for your company when you outsource your IT to an MSP.

Time to Focus on Other Essential Business Factors

There are many aspects to running a business that require your attention. You shouldn’t have to spend valuable time searching for DIY solutions to your IT problems. With the support of an managed services for small businesses, your time will be freed up so you can focus on other essential factors of your business that will help your organization’s productivity, growth, and overall success.

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