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More Than Just Another Phone System. . .It’s a New Way of Doing Businesss

The Kerauno Unified Communications Platform provides your company with tools to integrate discrete business activities into everyday workflows. Wouldn’t it be great to pick up the phone and instantly see customer data on your computer screen during a call, or have your voicemail sent directly to your email inbox? Kerauno does this and more!

Kerauno Feature List

Compare the features and specifications of Kerauno SMB and Kerauno Enterprise

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Mobility Features & Functions

Ad-Hoc Conference Center

Create “always live” conference bridges that support up to 20 participants.

Windows Desktop App

In addition to the browser-based interface, you can access Kerauno with an easy-to-use Windows app right from your desktop.

Softphone Client Support

Make calls from desktop computers using a USB headset, or from a softphone app on an iOS or Android device.

Voicemail IVR (Interactive Voice Response) Locator

Provides multiple call routing options for callers reaching a voicemail box, including leaving a message, dialing an administrative assistant, or forwarding to another phone.

Remote Agent

Telecommuters can use all of Kerauno’s features from their home using a browser and a compatible VoIP phone.

Universal CRM Support

Integrate any CRM software using the Kerauno API, or take advantage of right out of the box.

Fax to Email*

Send and receive individual faxes directly from the Kerauno interface. No need for a separate phone number or fax machine.

Hot Desking

Enables multiple employees to utilize the same phone and easily share resources while still operating separately.

Remote Office Support

Enables the configuring, monitoring, and troubleshooting of phones remotely for off-site support.

Personal Call Features

Click-to-Dial Phonebook

Initiate phone calls with a just a click of the mouse via the online phonebook.

Call Screening

Displays inbound Caller ID name and number to easily tell who is calling.

Dial by Name

Search the phonebook by first or last name using their keypad, and then simply click to call.

Do Not Disturb

Enables you to send callers directly to voicemail during those important calls and meetings.

Find Me / Follow Me

Enables you to automatically forward calls to an alternate phone after a set number of rings, and then back to your voicemail if there is no answer. Great for people who need to be in two places at one time.

System Speed Dial

Customizable speed dials enable you to quickly dial your most frequently contacted extensions and telephone numbers.

Visual Voicemail

Displays a list of voicemail messages that you can easy manage your voicemail inbox.

Voicemail to Email

Audio voicemails are delivered directly to your email inbox to review and listen to.

Call Management

Drag & Drop Functionality

View and manipulate calls within the phone system interface using a simple drag and drop functionality.

Real-Time User Status Display

Heads-up display enables users to see at a glance the status of everyone on the system, including who is available to take calls, who is in a meeting, who can’t be disturbed, and who is out to lunch.

Call Parking Lots

Place a call on hold on one phone, and then pick up the call from any phone on the system.

Call Recording & Archiving

Record and archive calls for training or other purposes. Also provides a convenient interface makes listening to, and downloading call recordings easy.

Customizable Outbound Caller ID

Customize what information others see in their Caller ID when you call them.

Customizable Music on Hold

Create customizable Music on Hold that can include anything from classical music, to company announcements and sales commercials.

Holiday Settings

Set up so that call routing changes automatically when your office is closed for the holidays.


Enables a two-way intercom channel between phones.

Upload Pre-Recorded Messages

Upload pre-recorded messages to use in Caller Announcements, IVRs, and Company Voicemail boxes.

Call Distribution

Automated IVR (Interactive Voice Response)

Get customers to the right person quickly by using automated virtual receptionists. (E.g. “Press 1 for Sales, 2 for Support”).

Call Flow Wizard

Provides a simple drag and drop interface that makes configuring call routing easy.

Call Forwarding

Forward calls to mobile phones, other extensions within the system, or even external telephone numbers.

Ring Groups

Set up the system so that multiple phones can be rung at the same time, enabling calls to be answered by whoever is available. Combine with call queuing for a robust customer service feature.

Time-Based Call Routing

Enables you to inform customers of your business hours and leave voice messages when the office is closed.

Call Center Features and Functions

Call Queuing

Enables you to organize groups of employees to systematically answer calls. Callers remain on hold until an agent is available.

Customer Detail Pop-Up

Create tie-ins to your company’s CRM system so that incoming calls automatically display details about the customer who is calling.

Real-Time User Status Display

Presence management enables employees to see at a glance that is available to take calls, who is in a meeting, and who is out to lunch.

Call Barging

Enables managers to listen in on calls and bring themselves into the call as a third party if the caller has an escalating issue.

Call Whispering

Enables managers to listen in on calls and speak directly the employee handling the caller. Only the employee is able to hear the manager and the caller is not aware a 3rd party is on the line.

Ring Back Timers

Ensure that no caller is forgotten with the ring-back timer. Any call placed on park will eventually dial back to the original extension if on park for an extended period of time.

Call Detail Records (CDR)

Provides comprehensive details for any call made on the phone system including duration, time of call, and all parties involved.

CSV Export

Export your call data into a .CSV format that it can easily be imported into other software programs and databases.

System and Security

Local Backup

Call logs, voicemails, and configuration details are all part of a standard local backup.

Built-In Firewall

A built-in firewall ensures the security of the phone system while still allowing administrators to easily make changes to the system.

Emergency Call Notifications

An alert is automatically emailed to a designated contact such as a security company or property manager whenever an emergency call to 911 is made.

Multi-Location E-911 Support

Cross-location Emergency 911 support ensures that the correct address information is sent to the 911 operator. Enhanced e911 service ensures emergency personal are always quickly routed to the correct location.

Remote Administration Access

The web-based administration portal is accessible from anywhere, ensuring that administrators can make changes to the system and troubleshoot issues while out of the office.

Real-Time System Health Dashboard

Displays statistics about the current status of PBX hardware such as CPU utilization and data storage statistics.

System Threshold Alerts

Enables administrators to send notifications when system health metrics reach a certain level. For example, administrators are instantly alerted via email if CPU utilization is too high or if the system is running out of disk space.

Tiered User Permissions

Customize user access to certain areas of the interface.

*Fax to Email only allows for faxing to a single number. A separate license is required to enable shared/group faxing functionality. Ask your sales representative for details.