Indiana Town Saves $35k Annually After Selecting Axia Technology Partners for Services

The town of Brownsburg, Ind. was on the hunt for a new technology services company to help assist it in standing out when it came to communication and leading edge technology. As a well-known city in the Hoosier state, Brownsburg values a family-oriented environment, new and existing business developments, a stable property tax structure and a variety of educational, employment, and recreational opportunities.

Grant Kleinhenz, Assistant Town Manager for the Town of Brownsburg, along with other Town of Brownsburg employees, knew that a state-of-the-art telecommunications system was one key to helping a community operate more smoothly and continue to flourish.

With its previous telecommunications system, the Town of Brownsburg was paying excessive amounts monetarily. Kleinhenz and his colleagues knew a change was needed and the Brownsburg Fire Territory suggested calling upon Axia Technology Partners (AXIATP) . Brownsburg hoped to cut costs in its overall budget and develop a strong relationship with its IP services provider.

Kleinhenz quickly discovered that Axia’s telephony solution would likely be the missing piece to make the town of Brownsburg in a league of their own when it came to technology services and providing for the community.

The Town of Brownsburg’s Problems Prior to Axia TP

Brownsburg needed a technology services provider it could count on. After researching and interviewing multiple service providers, Brownsburg respected Axia’s overall service as well as the additional software that would allow its users additional resources. It was looking for the ability to self-maintain a system without the hassle and cost of service calls.

Brownsburg felt confident in its choice of Axia’s solution due to the ease of use of its system and its top of the line products. Axia’s solution would allow the town to save a great deal of money instead of paying additional sums every time it needed an additional phone or other piece of equipment. Additionally, Axia is located just west of Brownsburg, so Brownsburg felt comfort knowing that in the event of an outage, Axia would be available for on-site support. Engineers could be on-site quickly, and costs for time and travel were competitive given the in-state proximity.

Brownsburg was able to enjoy a new, feature rich phone system without the need for a large capital investment in expensive PBX equipment thanks to Axia’s services. Axia offered Brownsburg an instant return on its investment by giving it a telecommunications system that could grow with the town.

 The Town of Brownsburg Upgrades with High-Tech Systems and Services

Implementation of the new system focused on configuration for the various employees as well as the actual switchover from the town’s previous provider. Brownsburg and Axia held multiple meetings to prepare for the transition where basic information and any questions or concerns were provided and solved on both ends.

Axia Hosted PBX provides all standard PBX functions, in addition to fully integrated enhanced features – such as call center, conferencing, voice, video, fax to email and mobile integration. All setup and configuration is easily managed via a Web portal, enabling customers with as few as five end users, or large enterprises with thousands of users distributed across the globe, to easily configure the system around their specific parameters. With its powerful capabilities and ease of use, AXIATP Hosted PBX creates a strong value proposition for any business.

Axia was able to come on site, complete necessary testing, address problems, and program telephones. Axia was able to complete all these things while working with the town’s employees to ensure an effective transition. 

Axia’s Hosted PBX application delivers a complete suite of enhanced PBX functionality over any private IP connection—without the need for expensive PBX equipment. The system is built and configured in advance, so customers can then spend their time identifying and fine tuning the preferences. This seamless approach also allowed Brownsburg time to test and train employees to use the system before it was installed. 

 “Axia helped make a successful transition possible through its willingness to communicate openly and work with the Town of Brownsburg to implement this service solution,” Kleinhenz said. “Axia technicians adapted quickly and were adequately prepared to make the implementation process seamless for all of us.”  

Brownsburg employees shared feedback saying the Axia support group and installation team “very helpful and available.” Feedback on the actual Axia system was equally positive. Brownsburg employees said that they enjoyed the individualized outbound caller ID for each department as opposed to a single number for every call, thus saving time and energy.

Ability to Increase Cost-Savings

Brownsburg employees are thrilled with the new features provided by Axia’s services. To date, they save $35,000 annually on charges by now using Axia’s services.

Additionally, Axia helped the town save time by not having to call an outside vendor in order to make small changes such as adding new employees or name changes. Axia was also able to help the administration department save more time because the new automated line eliminates the need to route as many calls to other departments.

A Worthwhile Business Partnership

One of the most significant contributions from Axia is its ability to have an exemplary level of communication. Axia and the Town of Brownsburg were able to develop a great relationship that provides quality service and exudes beyond the town’s expectations of a phone and internet service provider. Brownsburg feels as if it has found a partner in Axia, not just an anonymous technology service company.

The town experiences great equipment, increased independence and a great solution with Axia.

“The quality of the system and the level of service that Axia provides is great,” said Wendi True, Town of Brownsburg Executive Assistant. “The service that Axia provides makes it easy on us to recommend them to other businesses.”