Fiber and Cabling

Axia Technology Partners provides the foundational technology products and services that enable the seamless flow of information to and from the world around you. Whether you’re looking to update your local area network with a new structured cabling architecture, or want to create a dark fiber network, our trained engineers can consult and install a system to meet your needs.

High Performance Networks for Your Business Needs

With the growth of cloud computing, video conferencing, and voice over IP solutions (VoIP), it is essential for your business to have more bandwidth and faster Internet speeds.

AxiaTP Fiber Map

A fiber connection allows your business to access the fastest available bandwidth speeds on the market. Fiber has long been the connectivity option of choice for large enterprises and Fortune 500 Companies. Lower equipment prices and advancements in technology have made fiber connectivity a cost-effective option for common business use. AxiaTP offers both leased fiber and dedicated dark fiber construction. A fiber connection utilizes super-thin rods of glass,typically thinner than a strand of hair, to transmit data. Data is converted into beams of light that are transmitted across these glass fiber strands at extremely fast speeds.

Benefits of a Fiber Connection Include:

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth speeds for data, voice, and video
  • 20+ year lifecycle
  • Built in redundancy for 99.99% uptime
  • The ability to meet stringent security standards
  • An equipment ROI generally less than 3 months

Our fiber clients consist of some of the largest corporations, schools, and municipalities across the country. From our executive staff to our installers, we strive to understand your business needs and determine how to best make fiber connectivity work for you. AxiaTP employs certified engineers and maintains its own fleet of vehicles for all of your connecting, lighting, and splicing needs. AxiaTP is a certified E-Rate vendor and employs certified E-Rate specialists to assist with federally subsidized funding for schools and libraries. Call us today to establish your business at the forefront of modern technology with a customized fiber solution.

Structured Cabling and Why It’s Important


Structured Cabling is a building or campus telecommunications cabling infrastructure that consists of a number of standardized smaller elements. A properly designed and installed cabling system provides a delivers predictable performance and the flexibility to accommodate moves, adds and changes; maximizes system availability, provides redundancy; and future proofs the usability of the cabling system.

Our certified engineers can create, update, or totally revamp your current cabling infrastructure in order to provide you with a state-of-the art structured cabling architecture to meet the needs of your growing business and an ever-changing technology landscape.