IP Solutions for Schools and Universities

Trusted Communications Solutions

IP Technology is the lifeblood of education, connecting classrooms to a world of learning beyond their walls, and interconnecting the buildings and teachers within a school system. As school budgets are continually being cut, Axia Technology Partners offers the ability to increase IP Technology services while reducing costs.

Each individual school within a system can benefit from AxiaTP’s secure, dedicated Internet, which provides superior data, voice and video capabilities. Our dedicated Internet Services deliver speeds up to 1Gbps and have guaranteed uptime of 99.99% to ensure the availability of information 24x7x365.

AxiaTP has an advanced and wide-reaching network that can cost-effectively improve communications capacity, enable exciting new services and applications, and support the convergence of voice, data and video – all over one reliable, secure network.

Our Education Services Portfolio Includes:

    • Dedicated Internet for Secure Site-to-Site Connectivity
    • Service Level Agreements of 99.99% uptime
    • Highest QOS Standards (quality of service)
    • Custom Solution Enabling Schools to Connect on One Private WAN
    • Local and Long Distance Phone Service
    • Kerauno Workflow Communications Software
    • Data Colocation Services

e-Rate Savings Opportunities

Axia Technology Partners can help you navigate the e-Rate program details to ensure that you are getting all possible government funding available. And, our Schools Operational Savings promotion provides discounted services in addition to any qualified e-Rate funding your school attains.