AXIATP’s managed telephony solution cuts costs for Indiana Members Credit Union

AXIATP’s managed telephony solution cuts costs for Indiana Members Credit Union

Indiana Members Credit Union (IMCU) was on the hunt for a new technology services company to help assist them in standing out when it came to communication and leading edge technology. IMCU is headquartered in Indianapolis, IN, and was founded as the Indiana University Medical Center Federal Credit Union in 1956. There are currently 24 branches in Central Indiana.

IMCU vice president of information systems, Deidra Dunagin, along with other IMCU employees knew that a state-of-the-art telecommunications system was key to having a credit union operate smoothly, both internally and externally.

After a business stint with a larger technology conglomerate in which IMCU did not get the customer service attention they expected, IMCU was recommended to call upon AXIA Technology Partners (AXIATP), also based in Indianapolis, to cut costs in their overall budget and develop a better relationship with their services provider.

Dunagin found that AXIATP’s telephony solution would likely be the missing piece to making IMCU up-to-date with technology services.

 IMCU’s Problems Prior to AXIATP

IMCU needed a technology services provider they knew they could count on. After researching and interviewing multiple service providers, IMCU respected AXIATP’s straight forward honesty, ability to use new and old hardware, and open communication lines. IMCU was looking to develop a better relationship with their services provider.

Since AXIATP is local, IMCU felt comfort knowing that in the event of an outage, they are available for on-site support. Engineers could be on-site quickly, and costs for time and travel were competitive given the in-state proximity.

IMCU was able to enjoy a new, feature rich phone system without the need for a large capital investment in expensive PBX equipment thanks to AXIATP’s services. AXIATP offered IMCU an instant return on their investment by eliminating the need for up-front capital.

IMCU Scores Big with 21st Century Systems and Services

Implementation of the new system focused on configuration for the numerous physical facilities with conflicting and varied user preferences. AXIATP and IMCU held weekly phone calls where basic information and any questions or concerns were provided and solved on both ends.

AXIATP Hosted PBX provides all standard PBX functions, in addition to fully integrated enhanced features – such as call center, conferencing, voice, video, fax to email and mobile integration. All setup and configuration is easily managed via a Web portal, enabling customers with as few as five end users, or large enterprises with thousands of users distributed across the globe, to easily configure the system around their specific parameters. With its powerful capabilities and ease of use, AXIATP Hosted PBX creates a strong value proposition for any business.

AXIATP was able to come on site, complete necessary testing, address problems, and program telephones. AXIATP was able to complete all these things while working with IMCU’s schedule of implementing the services to one branch at a time after branch hours.

“A strong business relationship with open communication played a significant role in the success and easy transformation using AXIATP services,” Dunagin said. “IMCU and AXIATP technicians were able to work together quickly and share tips to make the implementation process seamless.”  

AXIATP’s Hosted PBX application delivers a complete suite of enhanced PBX functionality over any private IP connection—without the need for expensive PBX equipment. The system is built and configured in advance, so customers can then spend their time identifying and fine tuning the preferences. This seamless approach also allowed IMCU loads of lead time for testing and training. 

IMCU employees shared feedback saying the AXIATP transition was “one of the easiest transitions they had ever experienced.” AXIATP was able to meet all requirements quickly and productively.

 Ability to Increase Cost-Savings

IMCU branches and employees are thrilled with the new features provided by AXIATP’s services. IMCU has been able to save about $15,000 on monthly charges using AXIATP.

AXIATP was able to help IMCU cancel unneeded phone lines that were costing them more. AXIATP  was also able to help the IT department with the data circuits and help IMCU’s IT technicians understand all of the new services.

A Business Partnership Worthwhile

One of the most significant contributions from AXIATP is its ability to have an exemplary level of communication. Axia TP and IMCU were able to develop a great relationship that provides quality service and exudes beyond the credit union’s expectations of a phone and internet service provider. IMCU feels as if it has found a partner in AXIATP, not just an anonymous technology service company.

“The presence and demeanor of AXIATP and its employees is incredible,” said Dunagin. “AXIATP was able to provide IMCU with top-tier services because AXIATP is on the leading edge of technology compared to many other technology services companies.”

 IMCU experienced accommodation, flexibility and a great solution with AXIATP.

 “We couldn’t be happier with the new services from AXIATP,” said Dunagin. “We’ve already recommended them to other businesses.”